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YAAS Filming Fanpics~ Another Area in Gangnam!

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A dclsg member heard that YAAS filming would take place in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam, located in downtown Seoul today.  She decided to take her chances to get a sneak peek of Seung Gi and lucked out with 2 photos. The filming location happened to be near a handmade snack shop that is not so easy to find.  As she emerged   from the shop, she saw Seung Gi step out of his van and flash his megawatt smile. According to her account, he was greeting the staff and was courteous. She melted and said that she was in heaven. LOL^^ She went to a nearby convenience store to snap the photos and saw Seung Gi doing a running scene.  Filming ended relatively quickly and she spotted his staff helping him with his orange Firstlook jacket. It is cold and rained in Korea today so she hoped that everyone would stay healthy throughout the shooting.  Here are her 2 photos:

 yaas back1 yaas back2Credit: (소라승기) Sora Seung Gi via dclsg

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


One thought on “YAAS Filming Fanpics~ Another Area in Gangnam!

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