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[English] YAAS Cha Seung Won’s Poster Shoot and Interview

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Credit: SBSNOW

English translation:

Caption: ‘You Are All Surrounded’ Poster Shoot

Cha Seung Won: Hello, I’m Cha Seung Won who plays the role of Seo Pan Suk on SBS’ Wed/Thurs drama, ‘You Are All Surrounded’.

~Background Music and Poster Shoot~

Seo Pan Suk is very hot tempered and has a personality like turbulent ocean waves.  To put it in one word, he is fiery like an active volcano.

~Tuxedo Shoot~

I’m doing a drama after a long time, so I feel very challenged. For now, the director, fellow actors/actresses, and staff are working together as one, so I think we will be able to produce a good drama. I would like it to be a good drama that will remain in your memories during the warm spring days. Everyone, when the drama begins, please give it lots of love. Thank you.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

One thought on “[English] YAAS Cha Seung Won’s Poster Shoot and Interview

  1. Thanks for the translation Elise, can’t wait to begin this drama:))

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