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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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YAAS Fanpics from Today ~ 4/21/14

The dclsg member who posted these fanpics said that she received them from “a friend of a friend” who allowed her to upload them on dclsg. These pictures where taken in front of the friend’s friend’s house this afternoon. However, she wasn’t told where the location was. In the last photo, there’s a blue sign and I believe it says Gangnam XXX.

dimple 421 a dimple 421 bCredit: dimple

Another photo from street level:

421 fanpicCredit: pywlyk4

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[English] YAAS Teaser #2 Eun Dae Gu GIF~ Healing Tribute Fan Art

After the sinking of the Sewol Ferry last Wednesday, the nation of South Korea has been in mourning. Dramas,variety shows, as well as many performances and public festivities were canceled as a result. Seung Gi news on Twitter and dclsg has drastically been reduced. It has been painful for me to watch the news everywhere I go during the day. Reading the messages of sadness on dclsg was heartbreaking as I searched for updates. Broadcasting stations are slowly returning to their regular schedules and dclsg members are slowly starting to post Seung Gi photos and news.  This fan posted a healing GIF today for everyone still reeling from the tragedy.

yaas healing eun dae gu

혼자서 힐링중

Credit: picture via dclsg

English Translation:

One night in May, 2014..

Eun Dae Gu is coming to find you

You Are All Surrounded

“In the middle of healing alone”

Note: You Are All Surrounded’s Official Press Conference has been postponed until next week. (Breaking news, 11:05pm KST, 4/21)

Credit: ㅇㅇ via dclsg

 **4/21/14**Latest Update: YAAS Press Conference has been canceled until further notice.

Credit: asianewstoday.co.kr

YAAS premiere date has been delayed to May 7th (Wed) at 9:55pm KST

Credit:고구마깡 via dclsg


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever