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[English subbed] YAAS “New” Teaser #2

The “new teaser” released for YAAS is the same as the Teaser #2 that was released over a week ago. The only difference is that the premiere date has been changed from April 30th, 9:55 KST to May 7th at 10pm KST.

Credit: SBSNOW

Here is the English subbed video from my April 17th post:

or another option if Dailymotion lags for you:

Credit: Aragall Dc

English translation:

Park Jung Min: This is totally awesome!

Cha Seung Won: I have exactly one thing to teach all of you~ the fact that you can never become a detective.

Car chase scene with Cha Seung Won: To the left! #&X! Get off! You $%&!

Caption: Are we going to get left behind?

Go Ara: Catch him!!!!!!!

Caption: Because I’m going to become a detective

Cop to Cha Seung Won: I’m saying can’t we test them just once

Cha Seung Won: Never get caught up in fights

Caption: Our fate rests in his hands

Lee Seung Gi: All we have to do is follow the manual and do our work

Go Ara: Isn’t this something we should be doing?

Cha Seung Won: I don’t raise just anyone as my kid

Caption: You Are All Surrounded, May 7th (Wed) 10pm, First broadcast


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Subbing and Encoding by Vakaala, LSG Thailand

Originally uploaded to Dailymotion by Rapport2010