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After Sewol Tragedy, ‘Return’ is #1 Searched Song on Melon

After the Sewol tragedy, the entire nation of South Korea practically came to a halt. The KPop and Kdrama industries were noticeably affected with canceled concerts, press conferences, and dramas to give way to news coverage. I was especially moved to see this post on dclsg showing Seung Gi’s ‘Return’ from his mini 5.5 photo essay album becoming the #1 searched keyword on Melon music.  Many members commented..”Could it be because our nation wants to return things to the way they were?” …”‘Return’…After the accident, everyone’s yearning caused them to search for ‘Return’… I also sang this to myself as I cried”..were two of the most poignant comments I read following the post.

Return sewolCredit: 프린스이승기 via dclsg

Here’s ‘Return’ if you’d like to listen to Seung Gi’s classic song here:

Here’s the official music video set to English subs:

Credit: 1theK

Seung Gi’s music brings healing to people and during this time of national mourning, his song struck a chord in Koreans’ hearts. I applaud him for being a celebrity in a league of his own.  In these times of frustration, anger, grief, and sorrow, Koreans have aimed it towards the government, the captain, the crew, and even towards the celebrities who have generously donated towards the rescue mission. I know Lee Seung Gi dislikes publicity, particularly when it comes to charity work, and applaud him for always being there for the sick, the needy, and the suffering. I am proud of the celebrities who donated anonymously and know in my heart that Lee Seung Gi is undoubtedly among them. That’s what I call class and a true gesture of a beautiful heart. Thank you Seung Gi for bringing your unique brand of healing to our nation. You have my utmost respect and I’m proud to be an Airen. ^^

To read more about Korean mindset during times of national tragedy, I urge you to read this article. Those of you who are unfamiliar with Korean culture may not understand why my countrymen are so passionate and perhaps hot tempered when it comes to a national issue. Perhaps this will enlighten you.  Seoulbeats