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You Are All Surrounded~ Episode 6 Ratings and English text for Episode 7 Teaser


Episode 6 was a memorable one. The bad guy, “Boots” is out to get Eun Dae Gu for some reason. To make matters worse, he has found out his true identity by pretending to be a policeman and asking the lady at Dae Gu’s orphanage about him. Now he has Dae Gu’s contact info and things just couldn’t get worse…or can they?

We find out that the slimy Prosecutor Han released a warrant for Seo Pan Seok’s arrest after he was hit in the face. Thanks to Dae Gu, team 3’s leader gets out of jail. The plot thickens as the Team Leader suspects Dae Gu knows him and starts checking out his records. We find out that he grew up at “The House of Happiness” after his mother was murdered and his address is in Daegu, Korea.

The end of the episode was a memorable one with Eo Soo Sun recognizing him as Ji Yong. As usual, her reckless ways and bad timing cause Dae Gu to kiss her in order to shut her up as Seo Pan Seok heads towards them. Here are the ratings for Episode 5 followed by a translation of the preview they showed at the end:

kiss dae gu522Credit: SBSNOW


YAAS Episode 6:

TNS Rating for YAS. Whole Country 12.3%. Seoul Area 14.9%
AGB Nielsen Rating for Seoul Metropolitan Area. YAS 14%.
AGB Nielsen Rating for Whole Country. YAS 13.2%


Episode 7 unofficial teaser translation:

Prosecutor Han looking at his cell phone: Receipt: Total amount $5,000

Seo Pan Suk: Kin Bam (Long Night) Heaven’s receipt, (a parody of Kim Bap Heaven – a chain restaurant in Korea)

Seo Pan Suk’s voice as the camera cuts to an unknown woman: Shall I also send it to madam?

Prosecutor Han on the phone: It’s me. Release Team Leader Seo Pan Seok. Yes! Release him.

I’m thinking Seo Pan Seok has evidence that Prosecutor Han is hiding from his wife since he refers to the woman as “Samonim” which is a Korean term used to refer to someone’s wife. Looking forward to the next episode!


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

3 thoughts on “You Are All Surrounded~ Episode 6 Ratings and English text for Episode 7 Teaser

  1. it’s my first time vising your blog and i sure think it’s inspiring and awesome 😀 definitely coming back here ! as for the episode i can’t wait until after tomorrow i just wanna know what will happen so bad ! it’s so sad that they’re so tight on shooting schedule they didn’t even show a teaser after the re-runs like usual 😦

  2. ahh, i see~I was wondering what the evidence was that got him released so quickly~~he owes a lot to daegu. I hope tis drama ends with them as friends:))

  3. gotta love that episode 6 ending~~Every man knows :a kiss is the quickest way to shut a women up lol. I want to see ep 7 NOW lol.

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