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[English] Baeksang Awards~ Na Young Seok PD’s Acceptance Speech

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Credit: JTBC Star

English translation:

Na Young Seok PD: Thank you. As I was leaving a large company and moving to a small one, I didn’t think that I’d have an opportunity to receive any awards. I don’t think that my personal ability was the reason for this kind of miracle. I owe it to Teacher Lee Soon Jae, Teacher Shin Gu, Teacher Park Geun Hyun, and Teacher Baek Il Sub who traveled together with us and enjoyed it. In addition, I think that it is due to Lee Seo Jin who worked hard in assisting the Teachers. I’m very thankful. Also, after Grandpas over Flowers ended, I was in a burdensome position.  I want to thank Teacher Yoon Yeo Jung, Teacher Kim Ja Ok, Hee Ae noona, and Mi Yeon noona who readily agreed to leave on a trip with us. I would also like to relay many thanks to our Seung Gi who readily took on the role of a porter. I’m currently working at a broadcasting station called tvN. Although it may be smaller than my previous workplace, there, I will try to become someone who makes even larger programs. I want to become a person who makes programs that portray the meaning of people living amongst each other. Thank you.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

One thought on “[English] Baeksang Awards~ Na Young Seok PD’s Acceptance Speech

  1. He is such a Airen~~Love how he said Our Seung Gi:))

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