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You’re All Surrounded~ DC Yaas Evening Snack Support Event

DC ‘You Are All Surrounded’ Gallery Drama Event

1. Date and Time: June 8 (Sun) 2014 9:30PM~

2. SBS Tanhyeon Production Center    Personnel: 160 people

3. Event information/contents

– Churros and a beverage (With first photo)

– Bingsoo (Shaved ice flakes topped with Sweet Red Bean Paste, milk, other toppings~  2nd photo)

– Goods (3rd photo)

Mosquito repellant spray + Cool Scarf

– A look at the gift wrapped goods –> inside here hides the mosquito repellant and cool scarf ^^

– Cookie (Madeleine + Walnut cookie)–> The angelic YAAS Gallery members offered directly baked Madeleines and Walnut cookies to YAAS staff and actors. ㅎ

– Sandwich and fruit lunch box

Because they film late into the night, it was a quickly prepared item. Taking into consideration the hot and humid weather, we prepared sandwiches and fruit that would stay safe (to eat) and gave them to the actors and staff.

On behalf of the hard working staff and actors, the person who made the sandwiches provided her support free of charge.  We secured the event date in a hurry and when things turned out differently than planned, (with it becoming a night event), on behalf of the actors and staff, with the thought that she could be of some help, she included sandwiches and fruit with the event goods.

– The beautifully wrapped boxes towards the bottom right hand corner of the page

For the director and the main actors. A sandwich lunchbox

[Sandwich + fruit + cookies+ goods group shot]

~Photo of goods in paper and plastic bags~

–> Due to the fact that the event day was secured in a hurry, we couldn’t prepare paper bags in advance. We were so busy preparing that we used paper and vinyl bags.  We hope you understand. ㅠㅠ

DC Yaas Gallery

dc yaas event

Credit: dcyaas

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever