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Lee Seung Gi is Seriously Injured While Filming YAAS

I’m currently in a state of shock and disbelief right now. After reading the English and Korean news articles, and then a post on dclsg, the pit of my stomach felt like sinking.  Lee Seung Gi was injured in the early morning hours of June 9th when he accidentally poked his left eye with a prop knife. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and was diagnosed with corneal damage, which is super serious, and intraocular hemorrhaging. Bleeding inside the eye can build up the pressure, while corneal damage can affect one’s ability to see. The combination of both injuries is serious so the possible complications scared me even more.

Knowing Seung Gi’s work ethic and reading about his insistence on continuing with the shoot alarmed me. Thank goodness the people around him persuaded him to take it easy and seek medical attention.  Seung Gi, the drama can wait, but your precious eyesight can’t. Please take care of yourself. The following is an excerpt from a post I ran across in dclsg that made my heart stop for a moment in disbelief. Noooooo~~!! Please get well soon, Seung Gi~ya. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

못해도 최소 2주는 절대적으로 쉬어야됩니다.
각막에 시신경 문제면 시력저하는 기본이고 눈 기능에도 문제생길수 있는 치명상입니다. 각막 손상과 안구출혈로 인한 레이저 치료를 받았다고 해도 언제 어떻게 될지 또 몰라서 정밀검사 받고 병원 꼭 다니면서 2주는 무리하면 안됩니다.

Credit: ㅇㅇvia dclsg

At the very least, he absolutely needs to rest for a minimum of 2 weeks.

If it’s a problem with the optic nerve in the cornea, a deterioration of  eyesight is a given. It is also a serious injury which can cause problems in the eye’s function. Even if he were to receive laser treatment for corneal damage and intraocular hemorrhaging, he needs to have a thorough medical check up and make sure to go to the hospital without overexerting himself for 2 weeks.


This is the photo message left on YAAS’ official SBS site regarding the cancellation of tomorrow night’s broadcast:


What kind of nonsense is this!!

cancel2Wednesday is cancelled. They say that episode 10 will air on Thursday,

so please make sure to relay the message to my friend, Ji Yong..!

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Photo credit: SBS




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[English] You Are All Surrounded~ Episode 10 Teaser

Credit: km l

English translation:

SPS to Chief Kang: Do you remember a child name Kim Ji Yong?

Congressman to Chief Kang: That child from 11 years ago is alive. 

Chief Kang to SPS: I sponsored that child since he was in the orphanage.

SPS: Why? Why did you do that?!

Sounds like LED: Hyungnim, if you knew what I went through the day you came to pick me up, you wouldn’t be acting this way.

SPS: Don’t say a word to Sa Kyeong. If she knows that Dae Gu is Ji Yong…

ESS: It’s a terribly unlucky incident. Do you think I wouldn’t worry about you as a partner in this situation?

Chief Kang: Dae Gu, always be careful. Because you never know…


Comments on dclsg hint that Seo Pan Seok was late picking up his son because he was investigating the scene of Ji Yong’s mother’s murder.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever