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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] Autographs from the Main Cast of YAAS from Today’s Fan Union Event

There are sooo many photos of today’s fan union drama support event so I will start with the autographs from the main cast.

airenfanclub1 airenfanclub2“To Airen, I ate well. Thank you. Ahn Jae Hyun 2014.6.15”

airenfanclub3“Dear Airen ♡ I ate really well! Always be healthy and take care of Seung Gi! 2014.6. – Park Jung Min-“

Above him, he is holding a unique umbrella with a caption: “It’s an umbrella with a spiderweb and a cute spider”

airenfanclub4Here are Sung Ji Roo and Oh Yoon Ah. Sung Ji Roo’s autograph and message:

“to Airen~! Sung Ji Roo 2014 6.15

Always be healthy and I hope you will be prosperous. Have an abundance of luck~!”

airenfanclub6“To Airens, I ask you to love Seung Gi eternally! ♡ – Cha Seung Won”

airenfanclub5“To Airen ♥

Be happy ♡

God bless you

Ara 2014.6.15.”


“Oh Yoon Ah 2014.6.15

Always~ Be happy~”

airenfanclub7noautoCredit: AIREN_fanclub


You Are All Surrounded Fan Union Support Event~ More Photos & Translation

 AF1 AF10 AF9 AF8 AF6 AF12 AA4 AA3 AA1 AF11 AF2“Congratulations” Overseas fans are also surrounded by the charms of “You’re Surrounded”

AF3A parody on the rules for being Dae Gu’s ideal roommate.

The banner says: “Don’t leave leftovers! Don’t steal other people’s food! Don’t pay (for it)! Don’t think about using a single plate!” LOL!!

AF4“The fact that Dae Gu is treating us is really a huge deal. It’s because of the legendary support of Airens.”

AF5It’s certain that “You’re Surrounded” will create a sensation!

It’s as certain as the earth revolving around the sun!

AF7A parody on an arrest warrant for Dae Gu.

Mr. Eun Dae Gu, since May 7, 2014 at 10pm until now, you’re charged with giving off a chic and arrogant charm as well as escaping after leaving a strawberry fragrance. You’ve caused a huge disruption in viewers’ lifestyles and work. Airens have an arrest warrant waiting for you. At this current time on June 15th, 2014, we are arresting you, Mr. Dae Gu Dae Gu. Mr. Dae Gu Dae Gu,  you do not have the right to appoint a lawyer. You do not have the right to plead the Fifth about this case. From now on, Airens will surround you~~♥

AA2The first banner says “You’ve eaten to your heart’s content”

The second banner says “Don’t leave leftovers! Don’t steal other people’s food! Don’t pay (for it)!

Don’t think about using a single plate!”

The third banner says “Congratulations” Overseas fans have also been surrounded by the charms of ‘You’re Surrounded’

EA1 EA3 EA16 EA20 EA28 EA19 EA30 EA31 EA32 EA34 EA35 EA36 EA37 EA38 EA39 EA40EA8 EA9Top photo is lemonade, bottom is orange juice

fanclub38 sgsunyloveSmoked duck stuffed with black rice and beans~ it is covered with clay before it is cooked

EA5 EA7 EA6 EA17 EA18 euroairen43 EA25 EA26 euroairen47 euroairen48 euroairen34euroairen3fanclub28 EA15 fanclub4

Credit: AIREN_fanclub, AIREN_AIREN, EuroAiren, 113AirenSG_TW, Baidu_SeungBar, summersonaki, sgsunylove, presentSG

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Lee Seung Gi Fan Union Support for You Are All Surrounded

Official Airen fanclubs did a fantastic job today organizing this event for the cast and crew of ‘You Are All Surrounded’.  Seung Gi was also present and had strawberry shaved ice and iced americano.  He asked his manager for more strawberry rice cake which was a topping on the shaved ice. A luxurious buffet was prepared for 200 people.  180 gift sets were prepared for the cast and crew as well. Well done Airens! There are so many photos from this event that I will do a separate posting of those from twitter. Autographs from the main cast to Airens were also signed. These and other close up photos will be in my next post.

Meal21-1.jpg~original Meal22.jpg~original Meal23.jpg~originalMeal123.jpg~originalMeal4.jpg~originalMeal41.jpg~originalMeal42.jpg~originalGift2.jpg~originalCredit: LSGKWA


Credit for Seung Gi’s update from AIREN_fanclub tweet and @ChristinaWSGL



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You Are All Surrounded Fan Video~ Lee Seung Gi Eun Dae Gu Story Book with Lyrics

Credit: haesong225 (시크 via dclsg)

This video was created using contents from SBS’ home page and Dispatch.  The background music is a recent OST from the currently airing Sat/Sun Kdrama, Angel Eyes.  It is called ‘Bluebird’ by Jo Jung Hee. Here are the lyrics:

If I were a blue bird,
I could sing a song
for you it’s just for you

If you were here tonight,
I would dance with you
with the stars shining
above us


Where do you go
when you’re lonely
Tell me
What you do
when you feel so blue like me

When I feel like that
I think your eyes
and your smile
And suddenly, the sunshine
appears close to me

Every time you go away
I stay here
Every time you’re far away
my love is here

Never ever fade away
from my mind
Because your angel eyes
are shining in my life

Every time you look away
I pray here
Every time you turn away
my love wait here

Never ever fade away
from my mind
Because your angel eyes
are shining in my life

Your endless splendor leads me through the dawn
And the light in your eyes
Once again steals my heart

Singing like a bird
for your lonely heart
Dancing through the night
with your every breath

I’ll be by your side
with your angel eyes

Lyrics credit by pop!gasa