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You Are All Surrounded~ Episode 11 Live Recap

I did a live translation for Episode 11 YAAS on Twitter.  Here is a compilation of my tweets:

Boots: “You grew up a lot, kid. You hid under the bed like a coward and watched her die. Do you remember?”

Boots “You want to meet your mom, right?” “Go painlessly, kiddo”

Seo Pan Seok to P4: Do you know anything? Why was he attacked? The team answers no.

SPS: The criminal is Cho Hyung Chul, age 40, he departed for Indonesia and was my partner.

Chief Kang doesn’t want news of a rookie cop being attacked by a former one leaked outside the station..she says the press will have a heyday

Eo Soo Seon thinks she’s seen Boots somewhere as she and Chief Lee search for the best CCTV shot of his face. Dae Gu will be be fine in a week

SPS: Do you know why Cho Hyung Chul tried to kill you? Dae Gu: You should know the reason better than me. Don’t put on a show.

SPS: So you think I’m in on it too? That’s why you installed this CCTV? Now I understand the whole situation. Dae Gu: I saw him with the pendant!

Kim Sa Kyeong thinks that guy is a coward for disappearing like that and not wanting to cause others pain for his hidden lifestyle. Conversation with Tae Il about whether or not he should’ve told his fiancee.

Tae Il apologizes to his parents for letting them down and says he has no plans to return to the hospital.

SPS to Eo Soo Seon: Since when did you know Eun Dae Gu was Ji Yong? Did you know I was the detective for the Masan school nurse case?

Pan Seok is determined to catch Cho Hyung Chul and orders surveillance for Eun Dae Gu. Tae Il and Ji Gook tell Dae Gu they know everything

Dae Gu is impatient to get back to work, they beg him to wait at least 3 days

Eo Soo Seon feels upset at herself for losing the criminal again as she washes her face.  She texts him: “Partner, how are you feeling?”  Dae Gu: “I feel much better”

“Partner, I was going to go today, but I think I’ll be too late.” Dae Gu: “Did anyone ask you to come?” “Don’t come tomorrow either! I’m tired! Hang up.”

Soo Seon asks Tae Il to take care of Dae Gu. Tells him to turn on videos or soft music for him. Awww…

Gook and Tae Il talk about how much of a hard time Dae Gu must’ve had even though he didn’t show it. They feel for him.

Chief Lee gives Dae Gu a good luck bracelet for his health. Chief Kang makes SPS’s team to hand over Dae Gu’s case to Team 1. She assigns him with another case instead.

SPS reveals that Eun Dae Gu is the missing Jiyong and that he must catch the criminal for the Masan School Nurse Case. Chief Kang disagrees.

SPS tells her to give the case to him or he’ll resign. “I have to investigate this case no matter what” Chief Kang gets mad “Why can’t you put two and two together?!!” Do you think Dae Gu will be able to deal with this with a level head? What if he uses a gun? He spent 11 years in torment. Do you want him to spend the rest of his life in jail?!! That is the way to protect Dae Gu. Lee Eung Do to SPS, “Chief has a point”.

Chief Kang to Congressman on the phone: “I’ve taken care of the situation. You won’t have anything to worry about” . Congressman on the phone,”It’s me. Things have gotten a bit complicated, we need to hurry.” Sa Kyeong to Pan Seok: Things are crazy, aren’t they? “Yes, of course” Sa Kyeong, “Hurry and get back to work”

SPS tells the team to keep Dae Gu away from firearms. To Dae Gu, “I know what you’re thinking, but no matter what, you can’t harm him.”

The moment you take action, only the results are left and you will turn from a victim to assailant. If you can’t hold it in, think of your mother.

Sa Kyeong’s mom “Have you had seaweed soup? (for her birthday) Are you there because of your husband?””Mom, why would I do that?” “It’s been a while since we parted ways”

Seo Pan Seok to P4 team: Don’t leave Dae Gu alone, always watch over him.

Boots on the phone to Dae Gu: It’s me, kiddo. How about resolving our issue between ourselves? Dae Gu “Where are you right now?” Soo Seon just waking up from a nap: “Aigoo, where did he go?”

Soo Seon on the phone: Team Leader, I think Dae Gu disappeared, so has the gun. SPS “What? Keep calling him until he picks up”

Boots to Dae Gu: You came, kiddo. You’re braver than I thought. Dae Gu “Where are you? Don’t be a chicken and come out”

Boots to Dae Gu: Little kid, where are you hiding? Come out now, Where are you little kid? Little kid, where are you?

lsgjapan1 lsgjapan2 lsgjapan3 lsgjapan4 lsgjapan5 lsgjapan6Credit: LsgJapan


Live Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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YAAS Filming Fanpic from Today, June 18th

 Here’s a fanpic of Seung Gi who was filming in Sangam-dong, Digital Media City again. It is located in Mapo-gu district in Seoul.


Credit: meim87

 She comments:

Why is it that I always take pictures of his backside? ㅋㅋㅋAnyway, Seung Gi ya, I’m seeing you often these days.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


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YAAS Filming Fanpics For Tonight, June 18th

Seung Gi and the YAAS crew are filming in the Ilsan area in Poongdong Soopseok (means deep in the forest) Village, building 8 towards the back entrance. According to the blogger, the crew wouldn’t let her get close so she had to take photos from a distance. The photos are grainy but you can still see Seung Gi and Go Ara in it. The photos were uploaded around midnight and according to the blogger, filming was still continuing.

poongdong1 poongdong2 poongdong3 poongdong4

Credit: naver cafe