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[English] Lee Seung Gi is Pizza Hut Model for 5 Consecutive Years

pizzaCredit: kjtimes

A Pizza Hut rep said,”Lee Seung Gi has a bright and friendly charm unique to him. With that, he maintained an extensive fan base. He fits well with Pizza Hut’s image of getting close to and giving enjoyment to consumers’ daily life”. “During all this time, he has been able to handle a variety of activities. As much as he’s proven the Seung Gi effect, we anticipate that he will capture consumers’ hearts and continue to increase positive feelings towards the brand as a CF model this year as well. ” With that, they revealed his contract renewal.

During the time that Pizza Hut has appointed Lee Seung Gi as their model, they recorded a 20,000,000 Won ($20,000 US Dollar) sales  of “The Special Pizza”. Within one month of launching the “Wow Box”, 400,000 boxes were sold. The launch of “Crown Pocket” also exceeded sales of 1,000,000 pieces within 2 months, obtaining positive results and displaying the brand as a pioneer in its industry.



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Source: kjtimes.com

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Moon Chae Won and Lee Seung Gi Photo from 2009~ Will they Reunite on the Big Screen?

By now, news is out that actress Moon Chae Won has been confirmed as the female lead of the romantic comedy movie,’Woman of Three Men’.  Lee Seung Gi’s agency, Hook Entertainment, said they have received the script but nothing has been confirmed yet. However, with hints that he is considering this movie favorably, many fans remain hopeful that Seung Gi will reunite with Moon Chae Won on the big screen for his movie debut.  If he accepts the offer, filming is slated to begin in July. The movie will be directed by Park Jin Pyo of  ‘Accomplice’, ‘You’re My Sunshine’, and ‘Closer To Heaven’.  It is about 3 friends who fall for the same woman who is a TV weathercaster. Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won were costars in 2009’s hit drama, ‘Brilliant Legacy’. Here’s a photo of them from back then:

moonCredit: masako3204


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It’s Out! Kwon Jin Ah’s ‘I Only See You’~ YAAS OST

Credit: MarbleTeethMusic Channel 1 (restart)

Korean lyrics:

[그대만 보여요]


매일 후회만 하네요

내가 아닌 모습만 보이네요

바보처럼 맘에도 없는 말로

내 마음 자꾸만 숨겨요

혹시 우리들에게도

행복이란 시간이 올까요

언젠가 그대 감춰온 아픔들이

내눈에 밟혀서 가슴이 아파

그대 내게 어떤 사람인지

나는 얼마나 힘이 되는지

그댄 몰라요 내 하루가 어떤지

언제부턴가 사람들속에서

나도 모르게 그대만 보여요


사랑 내겐 아직 어려운

그저 남의 얘기인것 같은데

한걸음 용기를 내 내가 다가갈께요

꼭 하고 싶은 말이 있어요


그대 내게 어떤 사람인지

나는 얼마나 힘이 되는지

그댄 몰라요 내 하루가 어떤지

언제부턴가 사람들속에서

그대만 보여요


내가 그대를 안아줄께요

내가 그대 곁에 있을께요

조심스럽고 서툰 우리지만

언제부턴가 나도 모르게

내꿈엔 그대가 우리가 있어요

그대만 보여요

Korean Lyrics Credit: naver blog angelvoice 100


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[English] You Are All Surrounded~ Episode 12 Teaser

Credit: racena

English translation:

Eun Dae Gu: Because I don’t know what I might do. At the very least, I don’t want to become a monster like you.

Congressman Yoo: Look into that child’s…

Chief Kang to Eun Dae Gu: Don’t provoke the Elder for no reason and just do as I say.

Seo Pan Seok:  Do you still have a misunderstanding about me?

Eun Dae Gu: Because it doesn’t change the fact that my mom was the victim of a retaliatory murder.

Caption: Tonight at 10pm

Korean to English translation by Elise Min

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You Are All Surrounded Episode 11 Highlights and Ratings

Episode 11 was filmed after Seung Gi’s eye injury and it was a relief to see him looking well. There were further developments in this episode with Seo Pan Seok finally realizing why Dae Gu held so much resentment towards him. He said he wouldn’t ask why Dae Gu installed the CCTV in his house and that he was determined to catch Cho Hyung Chul, the man known as “Boots” who tried to kill Dae Gu. “Boots” was Seo Pan Seok’s former partner at the police station but was fired after a misuse of firearms which killed a thief.  He also finds out from Dae Gu that “Boots” was the one who killed his mother.

The entire P4 team finds out about Dae Gu’s past as Ji Yong and do everything they can to support him after his near fatal attack by Boots. Meanwhile, Chief Kang calls Congressman Yoo to tell him that “everything is taken care of” and that “there’s nothing to worry about” after she  reassigns Dae Gu’s case to Team 1. Seo Pan Seok becomes furious at this and refuses to take on the case she assigns him instead and threatens to resign. A confrontation between the two occurs and we are left with the feeling that Chief Kang is up to no good when she calls the Congressman. Here are the ratings followed by highlights from this episode:


 AGB Nielsen Nationwide Rating  You’re All Surrounded 10.2% (+0.6%)

AGB Nielsen You’re All Surrounded Seoul Rating 11% (+1.1%) 

TNS Rating for You’re All Surrounded Nationwide 10.5% Seoul Area 12.4%

1. Chief Kang orders Seo Pan Seok to give Dae Gu’s case to Team 1. Seo Pan Seok cannot accept this and demands that he must investigate this case. He reveals that Eun Dae Gu is Ji Yong who disappeared 11 years ago. He asks the Chief to take back her order or he threatens to resign. Chief Kang replies,”Go ahead.” She says Dae Gu has lived in torment for 11 years. “Do you want him to spend what’s left of his life in jail?!!” “What if he stabs Cho Hyung Chul? What if he uses a gun on Cho Hyung Chul? Even doctors don’t operate on their own family members. Why do you think so?”

Credit: Drama SBS

2. Seo Pan Seok asks Dae Gu why Cho Hyung Chul tried to kill him. Dae Gu shoots back,”Are you putting on a show?!! You should know that better than me!” Seo Pan Seok also finds out that Cho Hyung Chul was the one who killed Dae Gu’s mother. He finally understands why Dae Gu installed the CCTV~ because he suspected Pan Seok of being a partner in crime. Dae Gu  also tells him that Boots tried to kill him 11 years ago at school. After finding out that Cho Hyung Chul was the criminal, it makes Pan Seok even more determined to find the killer. “Now I understand the entire situation. I need to catch Cho Hyung Chul and ask him exactly what all this is about.”

Credit: Drama SBS

3.  Kim Sa Kyeong’s mom calls her from Los Angeles on her birthday to ask if she’s eaten seaweed soup which is a Korean custom. Eating seaweed soup is a must on one’s birthday because it symbolizes a long life and wards off evil spirits for the year. Sa Kyeong’s mom asks “Until when are you going to live there by yourself? Why are you at Gangnam Police Station? By any chance, are you there because of of your husband?” Sa Kyeong denies it and says,”Why do you suddenly bring him up? It’s been a while since we parted ways.” After she hangs up, she texts Seo Pan Seok for a dinner date.

Credit: Drama SBS

4. Eo Soo Seon and Squad Chief Lee are looking at CCTV recordings to locate the killer’s whereabouts. “Squad Chief, I found him! I’ve found him!” She had stated that she wanted to catch the criminal who attacked her partner with her own hands.

Credit: Drama SBS

5. Eo Soo Seon texts Dae Gu out of concern. Dae Gu is as abrasive as usual. “Partner, It’s me. How are you feeling?” Dae Gu,”I’ve gotten a lot better.” Soo Seon,”Partner, I was planning to go today for sure but I don’t think I can because it’s so late.” Dae Gu,”Did anyone ask you to come?!!” Soo Seon, “Sorry. I’ll visit tomorrow for sure.” Dae Gu,”You don’t have to come tomorrow either. I’m tired, hang up!”

Credit: Drama SBS

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever