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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Seung Gi Films Pizza Hut CF~ Fanpic

The owner of this photo had this comment by her fanpic:

My oppa’s friend~ Dong Sun orabuni (means older male figure) filmed a CF today! He filmed with Seung Gi oppa and came back!! He served as Seung Gi oppa’s hand model!! When you watch this advertisement, please focus on Seung Gi oppa’s hand!! He’s working as a hand model for top actors!! On Daehak Street (in Seoul), he’s on stage in a play called “Two Women” as an actor. Everyone, please watch it!!! For detailed information, please search online!! It’s written in detail.

pizza hutCredit: leesther90614 via instagram

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SBS Tanhyeon Production Agency Food Support Event~ Fanpics

These photos were taken on June 18th at the SBS Tanhyeon Production Agency in Ilsan. It was a food support event for ‘You’re All Surrounded’. The blogger had many more photos of Cha Seung Won and Go Ara, so I selected the ones of Seung Gi for this post.

SAM_6160 SAM_6170 SAM_6171 SAM_6172Credit: 0119jjy


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Lee Seung Chul ‘I’m in Love’~ You Are All Surrounded OST (Ballad Version) with Lyrics

Credit: MarbleTeethMusic Channel 2 (#Desire)

English lyrics:

Will you remember me? Time goes by so fast
The day has passed and the sun has set
The painful memories in my head fade with time

But it’s strange, it hurts right here
But I’m enduring through the pain
I can’t even erase that day with tears
I haven’t thrown away those painful memories


No love, no tears, no longing, it doesn’t suit me
But still, I try to hold onto you, I still don’t know
I’m still in love

I wake up early in the dawn
I’m used to being alone but
As much as I shed tears, the bigger it gets
I haven’t thrown away those painful memories

No love, no tears, no longing, it doesn’t suit me
But still, I try to hold onto you, I still don’t know
I’m still in love

I hear footsteps outside the door
I yell and run out in case it’s you
The scent you left on top of these streets make me cry again

No love, no tears, no longing, it doesn’t suit me
But still, I try to hold onto you, I still don’t know
I’m still

No love, no tears, no longing, it doesn’t suit me
But still, I try to hold onto you, I still don’t know
I’m still in love

I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love

Lyrics credit: pop!gasa

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[English] DCLSG’s 10th Anniversary Debut Event for Seung Gi

Wow. I’m so impressed with all the hard work that went into celebrating Seung Gi’s 10th Debut Anniversary. English translations of each section are provided at the end of the photo.

web_3731073390_154e8d5bCredit: 빛나다 via dclsg

1. Event books summarizing 10 years of activity~ Singer book/Drama book/Variety book/CF book/Dclsg book

Event books that even surrounded the employees at the printer’s! The president of the printing house was so moved!

2. 10th Anniversary Commemoration, 10 tier cake

Mint colored, 10 tier, sugarcrafted cake! Drama characters & Seung Gi from 1N2D made from clay. And at the top is eagle t-shirt concert Seung Gi!

3. Pure gold crown to commemorate his 10th Anniversary (30 Don~ A Don is a unit of measurement for precious metals in Korea. 1 don is equal to 3.75 grams so 30 Don equals 112.5 grams)

A majestic crown born from the gathering of many opinions and a sketch!  Guarantee included!

The pictures below the crown say:

Don’t eat it. Protect it in the case/ Don’t go outside wearing it on your head/ Don’t microwave it/ Don’t kick it with your foot and play with it as if it were a ball.  (This is too funny, LOL)

4. Dom Pérignon 2004 (Champagne)

To congratulate him on his 10th Anniversary, the best champagne, Dom Pérignon. Once you drink it, you can’t stop! Dae Gu Dae Gu, would you like a glass?

5. A donation certificate for the third time Lee Seung Gi has relayed “kind breeze” (refers to his donation of electric fans for the needy) (~$29,947)

It’s already been the third time “kind breeze” has continued~ Seung Gi’s constant love rides the kind breeze~ love love~

6. Flower basket

7. Gift wrapping & Entire Cut

Bling bling gift wrap that used mint ribbon as the focal point.

From left to right clockwise–> Champagne, 10th Anniversary Event Books, “Kind Breeze” Donation Certificate, Flower Basket, Event stickers that will be placed on the gifts and shopping bags, The company employees stopped while transporting it and held it for a photo. Sparkling pure gold crown.

Final photo at the bottom:

Because the flower basket and cake were delivered first, this is the entire cut ㅜㅜ

Day of the Event: 2014.6.19

10th Anniversary Event Team

pink, also today, Min-e, always here, geniussyss, ggyak, radiant, silver rabbit, heodang, shrimpZzZz, Cham bong

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


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You Are All Surrounded~ Episode 12 Highlights and Ratings

Dae Gu really did well in Episode 12. He was able to control his rage and arrest Boots instead of going after him with a gun as everyone on the team had feared. Then we have the unsettling dialogue between Chief Kang and the Congressman about “taking care of” Dae Gu after he found out that the Chief sponsored him at the orphanage and lied about it. Ouch!

There were several touching moments in this episode as well. The first was when Pan Seok realizes that the revolver that Dae Gu carried to meet Boots with was empty. Dae Gu said to Boots, “Because I didn’t know what I might do”. Smart move Dae Gu. So proud of you! The second was when he bonded with his team mates at the apartment after they teased him for being the youngest. Tae Il orders him to fetch something from the refrigerator so he grudgingly gets up from eating the ramen Soo Seon prepared. We get to see him smile and everyone on his team is happy to see this too. I teared up when there were back to back scenes of Seo Pan Seok visiting his son’s memorial site while Dae Gu visited his mother’s. He said to her,”Mom, you’re the one I want to see the most in this world.” I’ve finished it all now. I did well, didn’t I?”

Kim Sa Kyeong and Seo Pan Seok’s relationship continues to grow although she seems unsure of approaching him again. Her biting remark at his apology for forgetting her birthday was half reprimanding and half sassy. I think one of the highlights of the episode was the tight hug between Soo Seon and Dae Gu when a driver almost hit her as they both waited to cross the street. Dae Gu’s “He should be more careful driving…” and awkwardness was so cute. Here are the rating’s for Episode 12 followed by highlight clips:

YAAS Episode 12 ratings:

AGB Nielsen Seoul Rating: YAAS 12.1% (+1.1%)
AGB Nielsen Nationwide Rating: YAAS 11% (+0.8%)
TNS Rating for YAAS. Nationwide 11.6%. Seoul Area 13.6%

1. Dae Gu and Soo Seon accidentally hug. “Dae Gu Dae Gu! It’s so good to see you on a Sunday!” She offers her ice cream to him, “Do you want to eat some?” Dae Gu.”Something that’s already been eaten?” Soo Seon mentions how fresh the air is after the rain. Dae Gu asks if it rained in Seoul. Soo Seon asks him if he’s been far away. He replies, “Not far, to see Mom.” She replies,”How nice”. After the car zips by, Soo Seon,”I…I…Ice cream”. Dae Gu, “He should drive more carefully…”

Credit: Drama SBS

2. Dae Gu arrests Boots for killing his mother after saving him from a mysterious assassin. “Jo Hyung Chul, you are under arrest as the prime suspect for the Masan School Nurse Murder Case 11 years ago. You may appoint a lawyer and defend yourself at anytime.”  Boots,”Crazy bastard, you don’t even have bullets.” Dae Gu,”At the very least, I don’t want to become a monster like you.”

Credit: Drama SBS

3. The Congressman finds Chief Kang suspicious and tests her. Congressman, “That child is at Gangnam Police Station.” Chief Kang,”I too, was shocked.” Congressman,”I think you’ve become too comfortable with me. If one becomes too comfortable, they start making mistakes.” Chief Kang replies that it’s simply a coincidental misunderstanding. The Congressman replies,”Then I’ll give you a chance to prove your innocence. As you know, that child cannot exist in this world.  I’ll let you take care of him.” Chief Kang,”It’s not time yet.” Congressman,”I decide on the time”.

Credit: Drama SBS

4. Seo Pan Seok finds out that Dae Gu also made a duplicate of his cell phone. He gets mad at him. “You do all sorts of things, it’s enough that you installed a CCTV in my house, but now a duplicate cell phone? Exactly, what is your problem? Have you still not cleared up your misunderstanding about me? Dae Gu,”It doesn’t change the fact that my Mom was killed in a retaliatory murder.”

Credit: Drama SBS

presentSGCredit: presentSG

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever