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[English] You Are All Surrounded~ Episode 14 Teaser

Credit: SBS Drama


English translation:

Assemblyman Yoo Moon Bae: That child still doesn’t know anything…

Yoo Ae Yeon: Dad, you must be getting old. Please quickly get that thing out of my sight.

Chief Kang to Eo Soo Seon: Have you thought about it?

Eo Soo Seon: Yes. I came to tell you my answer.

Seo Pan Seok: To infiltrate the coffee shop that’s teeming with gangsters, you’ll need a disguise. Hey, Eun Dae Gu and Eo Soo Seon, you two are going with the couple concept.

Man: Why don’t you guys kiss?

Everyone: Kiss! What do you think? Kiss!


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Live Recap of YAAS~ Episode 13 *UPDATED WITH RATINGS*


 YAAS Episode 13 Ratings:

AGB Nielsen Rating Nationwide. YAAS 11.1%
AGB Nielsen rating for Seoul Metropolitan Area. YAAS 11.6%
TNS Rating Nationwide 12.2%. Seoul 15.4%


Here is a compilation of my tweets for tonight’s episode of YAAS. I’ve added some details to make them easier to understand:


Dae Gu: You’ve clearly committed an assault and will be dealt with by the law. The Assemblyman tries to block the video from spreading.

Yoo Ae Yeon’s son:” Mom, did you create another accident again?” He watches the video of her hitting Soo Seon’s mom and says Daebak!

As Dae Gu leaves, the son mutters, “I was right, this is a dysfunctional family.”

Soo Seon: Mom, how did you end up like this? Why did she hit you and you didn’t defend yourself? Tell me, why did she do that??!!!

To Soo Seon,” I told you not to ask.” To Seo Pan Seok, “I’m sorry Team Leader, I left her in your care without greeting you.”

Seo Pan Seok,” Madam, don’t be afraid and please tell us what happened. The one who should be afraid is that woman who assaulted you.”

Soo Seon’s mom unknowingly agrees to a contract to reimburse Yoo Ae Yeon for the handbag and for “medical bills”. That’s why she gets hit.

Soo Seon to SPS: Team Leader, I have to go to the bathroom, can you look after my mom? This is soo sad. ㅠㅠ

Soo Seon’s mom asks Dae Gu to be her son. “Call me mom” She heard from SS about him being Ji Yong. “For some reason, you were like family”.

LOL! She calls all of them her sons and Tae Il “Soon Tofu” son~ very soft and white tofu because of his white complexion.

P4 team eats together and Dae Gu was about to get picky again with putting in scallions when SS asks him, what? No scallions? DG puts ’em in

Yoo Ae Yeon is such a !@#$ totally ignores SPS and DG. Yoo Ae Yeon: Who are they? Especially that young punk. Strangely, he bothers me.

The Toad asks Chief Kang why Team 3 always has a series of incidents like a drama. He says if news of a secret birth (a surprising revelation about someone’s true birth parents/relatives)  pops up, it’ll be grand drama.

Assemblyman: Yesterday, that child came to my home. How could you let that happen?!! Chief Kang: The victim happens to be related to DG’s team

Chief Kang: It’s ALWAYS a problem with the Assemblyman. Now what is this?

SPS: Hyungchul, no matter how much I think of it, I don’t think this incident is closed. You’re leaving stuff out. It’s not the company president

Exactly who is it that you’re trying to hide? Boots: I don’t have anything to say to you. DG also came by yesterday. Stop digging for Dae Gu’s sake. He tells the warden that he’s done talking. SPS: There’s something I never told you: I’m sorry and thank you.

SPS: Next time, I’ll be back with something delicious to eat. Awww…Seo Pan Seok still has a soft sport for his old partner.

SPS to DG: Wow, why is it so hot here? Flashback to Boots’ comment: Stop digging for the child’s safety… They’re in a stakeout..

Seo Pan Seok: Hey, Detective Eun, as people, how about turning on the air conditioner? DG: Sure. SPS: Why did you visit Jo Hyungchul?

DG: I don’t feel like saying. A lawyer for the Yoo family shows up with the contract about settling for $50,000. Says VIP employees were eyewitnesses. SPS tries to gather eyewitnesses and DG messages Ji Gook to find the person who filmed the video.

2 of the VIP employees refuse to open their mouths. One of them may have been the one to record the video. DG asks: So she signed the contract before the assault, right? DG: I’m not doing this to bother you..The woman says she uploaded it just because Yoo Ae Yeon was irritating but didn’t expect it to go viral.

DG gets so mad and says “Don’t you care about how the victim feels?”  She says no and threatens to call the police. Ji Gook tries to calm him down.

Chief Kang to SS: How is your mom? Thank goodness it wasn’t a serious injury..honestly I came because I have a favor to ask of you.

Detective Eo, can’t you just let your mom’s case just slide? Have you heard of Yoo Moon Bae? SS: Yes.Chief Kang explains Yoo Ae Yeon is his daughter and it can have an impact on his politics…also harm the people precious to her. Chief Kang: So, just let this slide..to prevent more harm.

Soo Seon:You want me to let it slide? It isn’t right..she attacked my mother. Chief Kang: of course, but it’s for our police station, our future

DG: I’ll make a pretty necklace for you mom. SS’s mom: Son, where did you learn this? DG: From a book, it’s the 2nd magic trick I learned

SS: It’s nice smelling the fresh air. Detective Eun, how did you manage the past few days? It was difficult seeing my mom’s swollen face. I can’t imagine how you got over your mom.

DG: I didn’t get over it (my mom’s murder). I just faced it. Listen to this. it’ll help. Make sure to listen to it. SS: okay. DG: Go..

Song: ‘I’ll Be On Your Side’ by Coffee Boy~ I’ll be on your side..everything will be okay, you will shine..you’re precious…remember my voice. It’s okay, everything will be ok.  I’ll tell you that you’re precious…remember my voice. It’s okay, You’re the most precious person to me…”

Lee Eung Do: How can they block everything about Assemblyman Yoo? As he types on the computer..Tae Il to Gook: Hey, your expression is the same (referring to an emoticon~ I think Ji Gook sent Soo Seon a text by accident and he’s freaking out about it~ I wasn’t paying attention to the screen at this moment ><

Tae Il to Sa Kyeong: My dad called me garbage. But I received healing as I talked to him Sa Kyeong: are you ok? Tae Il: No. I’m not.

Tae Il: Out of humanism, can’t you hug me just once? Sa Kyeong: You’re messing around. Fine, out of humanism. Oh crap, SPS walks in on them

Sa Kyeong: Pan Seok, let’s talk. SPS: Let’s talk later. Sa Kyeong: When you say later, it eventually means never. You still haven’t told me why you signed the divorce papers.

Go Dae Gu! Annoys Handbag lady everywhere she goes. Yoo Ae Yeon: What is that? She calls her lawyer for info on him.

The more I see him, he seems familiar. Why do I feel so unpleasant around him? Dad, by any chance did you know? Her son is alive!

Teaser: Dae Gu and Soo Seon have to act as if they’re dating and kiss to investigate a coffee shop teaming with gang members.  Everyone roots for a kiss.


Live Korean to English Updates by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


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YAAS Late Night Snack Event by dcyaas~ Photos

One of the dcyaas members on the support team for last night’s snack support event uploaded many photos of the food,cast,and crew today. The cast and crew filmed until 6am this morning and she managed to get autographs from Cha Seung Won, Ahn Jae Hyun, and Park Jung Min last night. Those are posted separately in my previous posts.  This post includes the photos of the stars she also managed to get as well! Seung Gi finished filming and left the set to rest. According to posts in dcyaas, all the actors resumed filming. 

The event started at 11pm and ended around 2:30amKST at the SBS Ilsan Tanhyeon set.  170 people were involved and late night snacks included Ddukbokki (spicy korean rice cake), Odeng (fish cake), Soondae (Korean sausage made out of pig intestine stuffed with clear noodles and pig’s blood~ it’s not as gross as it sounds~ LOL!), 3 types of fried snacks, cheese bars, can coffee, and waffles with ice cream. Her last post on dcyaas said that the remaining food was packaged and given to the PDs. Filming continued into the wee hours of the night. Actors were divided into two groups, A and B. Dcyaas members asked which team Seung Gi was on, but she had gone to bed by then. From another member’s post, Team A consisted of the lead actors.

yaas snack event dcyaasCredit: 조각케이크 via dclsg

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[English] YAAS Late Night Snack Event~ Park Jung Min’s Autograph

The dcyaas member who got Cha Seung Won and Ahn Jae Hyun’s autograph also got Park Jung Min (Ji Gook)’s as well. She described it as “he really wrote a love letter”. LOL! She also added that he took plates of Ddukbokki (Korean spicy rice cake), fried snacks, and cheese bars in both hands as he returned to film.

ji gook autoCredit: 조각케이크 via dcyaas

dcyaas gallery-♡


I’m always thankful and be healthy!

Thank you for the food. (I will eat well) You’re Surrounded, fighting!

-Park Jung Min-

To the left read from top to bottom is his name in Chinese characters: 朴正民

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever