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YAAS Episode 14~ New Eun-Eo Kiss Scene Cut from SBS Drama

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The kiss scene between Eun Dae Gu and Eo Soo Seon last night was definitely the highlight of the evening! SBS uploaded a longer clip today, probably due to enthusiastic responses from the viewers and the media.

Credit: SBSNOW

The P4 Team goes to a cafe to investigate an underground narcotics ring run by gangsters. Seo Pan Seok assigns Dae Gu and Soo Seon to play the role of a couple while Tae Il and Ji Gook pretend to be friends. Pan Seok compliments Soo Seon on her outfit as the couple emerges from the van to investigate. Soo Seon is convincing as a cutesy girlfriend asking Dae Gu.”Honey, take pictures of me.” Nice. A really clever way to take photos of all the gangsters that regularly frequent the cafe. All of a sudden, employees come out holding a cake and congratulate them on their 100th day Anniversary of dating. A gangster in the background yells out.”Why don’t you guys kiss?” Major awkward moment. Soo Seon tells Dae Gu that she’ll initiate it and the shocker comes when Dae Gu pulls Soo Seon towards him to go in for a deep 2nd kiss.  OMG!! I loved the expression on Seo Pan Seok’s face and felt sorry for Ji Gook who looked totally deflated. I think everyone’s jaws dropped at this 2nd unexpected kiss and it was definitely the highlight of last night’s episode. Enjoy watching! 😀

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