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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi


Adio~ Fan Video with Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won~ with English Lyrics

This is an old fan video from 2012, but it surfaced on dclsg today by the maker. BGM is Adio by Lee Seung Gi.

Credit: haesong225 aka ์‹œํฌ on dclsg

At the beginning of the video, Ha Ji Won says,”Your shadow is always by my side. Even though it’s not here now, you gave your love to me.”

English lyrics:

Always gazing at you from behind
My misunderstanding is deep, all that’s left is parting
Why couldn’t you have told me from the beginning
That living for you was hard
Did love feel like a luxury to you
Your freezing cold tears
I now know
If everything doesn’t turn back to the way it used to, please forgive me
For not being able to consider your heart a little earlier

When I close my eyes I can see you now
My love is deep, all that’s left is longing
Can you feel me circling around you
Will I just become baggage to you now, I just keep hesitating
If there was nothing else we could have done except to part
You’re not letting me go and leaving me
You’re just trying to bury me a little deeper in your heart..

If there was nothing else we could have done except to part
Just tell me this one thing so that this parting won’t be sad
You’re not letting me go and leaving me
You’re just trying to bury me a little deeper in your heart

English lyrics credit: http://little-omlette.livejournal.com

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[English] You Are All Surrounded Episode 15 Teaser

Credit: dclsg uploaded by Hanrize


on youtube:

Credit: dclsg uploaded by paradoxiical


English translation:

Dae Gu to Soo Seon: Am I that much not your type?

Soo Seon with ruler at Dae Gu: Maintain a safe distance. It was something you always insisted. To secure a safe distance.

Dae Gu:ย  Did anyone say otherwise?

Seo Pan Seok to Dae Gu: When I go to meet Jo Hyung Chul, do you want to go together?

Dae Gu: After the last occasion, have you met Jo Hyung Chul again?

Seo Pan Seok to Masan Detective from 12 years ago: The day after the incident, a female high school student came to you, right? About the man after Kim Ji Yong.

Masan Detective: I told someone to relay it to the Squad Chief. But….

Dae Gu to Eo Soo Seon: Where did you get this? I asked you where you got this pendant!


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[Thai Magazine] ASTAMAG No.90 July 2014 Issue~ Lee Seung Gi

There is truly no language barrier when it comes to being Lee Seung Gi’s fan.ย  Airens are all over the world, and from the past videos and fan art I’ve shared from various countries, love for Seung Gi is universal.ย  Seung Gi’s drama isn’t only popular in Korea, China, and Japan. Airens from all over the world are tuning into it every week.

Asta1 Asta2 Asta3 Asta4 Asta5 Asta6Credit: LSG Thailand

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Lee Seung Gi to Attend KCON in LA?

I was tipped off by an Airen late last night before the news broke on Twitter about Seung Gi being the featured guest on KCON. I checked online Korean news for confirmation last night, but didn’t find any articles about it yet so I didn’t want to post anything. Now that news has spread all over Twitter, I’ve decided to share this happy news.ย  We’re still awaiting confirmation from Hook Entertainment, but seeing that KCON is hosted by CJ E&M like the MAMA Awards and The Creative Forum held at Yonsei University, it’s a high possibility that Seung Gi will be attending. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  KCON will be taking place in Los Angeles on August 9 and 10, 2014 at Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

Here’s the artist line up:

KCONCredit: KCONusa




Here’s a link to KCON’s official site: http://kconusa.com/artists/