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[English] Lee Seung Gi Gifts the YAAS Staff After Eye Injury

Seung Gi has such a warm and generous heart. As a thank you gift to 130 staff members on the YAAS team, he gifted them with Firstlook Outdoor and shirts made out of Coolmax fabric to beat the heat during filming.  According to a statement made by Hook Entertainment on the 3rd, Lee Seung Gi gifted 130 members on the YAAS production team and staff with Firstlook Outdoor as ‘Staffwear’. This took place on July 1st at the ‘You’re Surrounded’ filming location in Tanhyeon (Ilsan). He was really thankful to the YAAS team for wishing him a speedy recovery following his eye injury and for readily postponing filming because of it.

giftsCredit: OSEN

The production crew who received the gifts were very happy. Lee Seung Gi gave us “Exactly the clothes we need”.  After presenting the gifts on set, Lee Seung Gi said, “I’m thankful to the staff who made it comfortable for me to act. They are always enduring hardships behind the scenes. I just wanted to express my heart in this small way. It would be great if the staff would be able to fight off the heat a bit and film in cooler conditions…since they stand all day underneath the hot sun and work.”



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original Korean article: OSEN

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YAAS Episode 15 BTS~ Ultra HD Press Photo of Cha Seung Won, Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara


To facebook YAAS fansites, please do not repost this photo without linking it back to my blog. You need a Korean account in order to access HD and UHD photos. I am tired of sites using my posts and photos without giving proper credit.

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1N2D Deleted Scenes~ Season 1 Episode 55

English subbed: Vaccination time!

Credit: KBS2 uploaded by diahaksaeng

Raw: Season 1 Episode 55~ Maknae gets sacrified for bungee jumping

Credit: KBS2 uploaded by sgsairl

Raw: Season 1 Episode 55~ Road to dinner, bungee jumping aftermath

Seung Gi wants to go the Han River and drink soju

Credit: KBS2 uploaded by sgsairl

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Pizza Hut’s Promotional Event on Facebook and Photos of My Taco Pizza & In House Promos

Seung Gi’s Taco Pizza is getting a lot of spotlight these days  from Pizza Hut. I stopped by my local Pizza Hut to pick up a pie for me and my coworkers during dinner. Here are photos of my pizza followed by some promotions of their Taco Pizza in the restaurant. In addition, Pizza Hut’s Facebook site is offering a promotion for it as well.


Photo taken as soon as my pizza came out~ I unwrapped the pretty red ribbon packaging to see this! 🙂


A close up photo of the actual pizza with crispy lettuce, mildly spicy salsa, pickles, parmesan cheese, and hot sauce. By the time I left work, there was only 1 slice left.

pizza ad2

This is one of the in store promotions for the Taco Pizza ~ Korea has 3 major mobile service carriers~ KT, LG U+, and SK Telecom. All 3 have a discount card that can be used at designated places.  For a limited time during the months of July and August, take 20% off the original price. I don’t usually eat pizza because it’s so ridiculously expensive in Korea. I’m too used to the more reasonable prices for a pie in the USA. However, call it the Lee Seung Gi effect; blogging about his Taco Pizza yesterday made me hungry and I caved. LOL.

pizza ad

I paid about $17.00 for a large pie because I went to the restaurant to pick it up. They give a 10,000 Won ($10 US dollars) discount for picking up your own order.

couponCredit: Pizza Hut FB

Seung Gi’s Taco Pizza promotion on facebook. Enter your name and email address to receive a coupon for a taco pizza and a beverage for 18,000 Won. ($18 approx in US dollars). Seung Gi says “An opportunity for just 2 days! Don’t lose this chance!”


Credit for pizza and in house promo photos:  Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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You Are All Surrounded Episode 16 Teaser~ Today’s Version and Episode 15 Ratings

Yesterday’s episode finally revealed Yoo Ae Yeon as the owner of the pendant. Dae Gu confesses his true feelings for Soo Seon at the team dinner. “It wasn’t business for me. It was real.” Soo Seon isn’t sure how to take this and Ji Gook is jealous. Now the Assemblyman is out to finish off one of the characters. Will it be Dae Gu? Find out tonight at 10pm.

YAAS Episode 15 Ratings:

AGB Nielsen Rating Nationwide: YAAS 10.7%
AGB Nielsen Rating for Seoul Metropolitan Area. YAAS 11.5%
TNS Rating for YAAS. Nationwide 11.2%. Seoul Area 13.4%

Credit: SBSNOW


English translation:

Assemblyman Yoo: Where did the pendant that was lost 11 years ago suddenly appear from?

Yoo Ae Yeon:  What’s the use by asking me?  But where did they find it?

Seo Pan Seok: By any chance, that man… is it this man?

Assemblyman Yoo: Find out about Jo Hyung Chul and report to me.

Eo Soo Seon texting Eun Dae Gu: Right now, I came with Detective Ji to eat dinner.  At this moment, Detective Ji is diligently shelling crab meat for me.

Eun Dae Gu: What a son of a %%$#! (He literally says crab meat but crab and dog are pronounced similarly in Korean)

Seo Pan Seok: Why is the reply so intentional?

Eun Dae Gu: Why can’t women eat alone?

Assemblyman Yoo: It’s me. Take care of him as planned.

Caption: Tonight at 10pm


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever