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Morning Quiz~ Dispatch’s Press Photos of Seung Gi’s Charming Dimple ^^

d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 d6 d7 d8 d9 d10 d11 d12 d13Credit: Dispatch

“Whether looking at him from the front, the back, or the side….his facial features are in perfect order.  In addition, he’s heartwarming. In particular his wide smile and the dimple by his mouth are very attractive. As the Nation’s Younger Brother who captured noona’s hearts to one who has legions of ahjumma fans,  he rose to the top as the Nation’s Son.  Who could he be?”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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D-1 Pizza Hut Taco Pizza CF Launching Event ~ Facebook

Tomorrow, Taco Pizza’s CF will finally be revealed! What is Lee Seung Gi’s last words in the CF? If you guess the correct answer or add an entertaining comment, through a lottery we will give 2 people restaurant coupons.  Winners will be announced on July 9th.

cf1 cf2 cf3

Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Last Word’ is? (Cute play on words referring to his OST for the Gu Family Book) 🙂

Credit: Enjoy Pizzahut Facebook page

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Link to Pizza Hut’s facebook event: Taco Pizza

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You Are All Surrounded~ Episode 16 Highlight Clips and Ratings

This week’s YAAS episodes were daebak! In Episode 16, we learned that Yoo Ae Yeon made a duplicate of her original pendant to create an alibi. Seo Pan Seok,” Yoo Ae Yeon, you recognize this, right?” Her reply,”If I do?” Dae Gu confronts her by saying,” Henry Jung 2002 limited edition Only for You series. Moon and the Cross. That is to say, this pendant was made only for you, Yoo Ae Yeon. Isn’t that right?”  She denies it till the end and sends them on their way. Dae Gu with his photographic memory tells Pan Seok that the two pendants were not identical. In fact, they differed at three points around the pendant.

 Both Dae Gu and Pan Seok start developing a bond as they continue to investigate his mother’s case. They also confer with each other about their women ~ Dae Gu gets upset when Soo Seon texts him and says she’s having dinner with Ji Gook who’s shelling crab meat for her. Pan Seok gets a text from Tae Il informing him that he’s buying Kim Sa Kyeong dinner. Dae Gu asks Pan Seok,”Why can’t women eat alone?” Pan Seok replies that it’s not only the women, but the men who aren’t doing “fair play”.  Dae Gu completely agrees and this scene further cements their bond.  We find out that Yoo Ae Yeon was the one who hit Dae Gu’s mother in the back of the head with a flower vase. In addition, during the investigation in Masan, Dae Gu and Pan Seok realize that the person related to the case is suspect Oh, the pig foot merchant.

To make matters worse, Pan Seok confronts Chief Kang by calling her “Detective Seo” and a flashback scene explains the whole situation. The mystery is finally solved. Detective Seo was Chief Kang’s coworker who killed herself after their Chief told them to make an assault witness take back her lawsuit before “matters got bigger”.  She asked Yoo Moon Bae back then to call her Detective Seo from then on to remind her of the indignity and guilt she feels towards her partner. Pan Seok is extremely disappointed in her and Chief Kang replies that he can report her, but she’ll plead the Fifth and he has no evidence.

The awkwardness between Dae Gu and Eo Soo Seon continue in this episode with him moping about why he isn’t her ideal type. It all started when Soo Seon congratulated him on finding the criminal related to his mother’s case. Instead of a thanks, Dae Gu gives her the cold shoulder and storms off into the meeting room. Soo Seon follows him and asks, “Are you angry with me?” He replies yes. She continues,”Is it because of the pendant?” He replies,”Bird brain. Exactly, why aren’t I your type? Then who is your ideal type? Did you really kiss me out of business? After you said I wasn’t your type, I suddenly wondered what my reason for living is. So who is he? Your ideal?” Soo Seon is in his embrace now and she answers quietly,”His friend, Kim Ji Yong”. Dae Gu has the biggest smile on his face after that.


YAAS Episode 16 Ratings:

AGB Nielsen Rating Nationwide YAAS 11.8%
AGB Nielsen Rating for Seoul Metropolitan Area. YAAS 13.2%
TNS Rating Nationwide YAAS 12%. Seoul Area 14.4%


1. Yoo Ae Yeon tries to fool Eun Dae Gu and Seo Pan Seok by showing them a replica of the necklace she lost by insisting hers is the original and theirs is fake. She insists they open it and goes on to say,” Then you guys should explain. Where did you get this knockoff? If you receive, shouldn’t you return? Give and take, don’t you know? Aren’t I entitled to know where and what sort of bastard created an imitation that I paid several thousands to commission?” Seo Pan Seok replies,”We don’t know which one is real and which one is fake yet. If you are so confident, we can go to the designer together and confirm it for yourself.” Yoo Ae Yeon,” Why would I do that? You are the ones pressed for an answer. Forget it. Go on your way. Last time it was with the knockoff bag, and now even a knockoff necklace. I can see your standards.” As they leave her house, Seo Pan Seok wonders out loud “What happened? He said that it’s the only pendant of its kind in this world. But then what is that?” Dae Gu uses his photographic memory to recall 3 small details that point out differences in the two pendants. “Although it’s a microscopic difference, three of the connecting parts are different.” Seo Pan Seok asks,”Are you certain?”  Now it’s a matter of finding out which one is real and which one is fake for the P4 team.


Credit: Drama SBS


2. Seo Pan Seok confronts Chief Kang and finds out she is the “Detective Seo” that Boots was talking about. Earlier in the episode, Chief Kang had received an envelope with a photo of the pendant and a short message saying,” I have the pendant that you pocketed that day. 7/3 at 2pm, Han River Nodeul Island. I’ll be waiting.” As they meet, Seo Pan Seok calls her “Detective Seo” and she turns around. “Was it you Police Chief? Then that night, 11 years ago, the one who pocketed the pendant was you, Chief? The one who told Hyung Chul of Ji Yong’s location at the school was you too, right? After doing that, you’ve been acting as Ji Yong’s patron?! How can you, the Police Chief, be Detective Seo?!”


Credit: Drama SBS

3. How Chief Kang became “Detective Seo”. 27 years ago, she worked with a fellow police officer named Seo Kyeong Eun. She had promised her to help a victim of an assault case. However, due to Yoo Moon Bae’s influence, he got the victim to cancel her lawsuit. The victim’s mother is so upset and tells Detective Seo to attain an arrest warrant..that she had promised to catch all the bad guys and put them in prison. She is beside herself crying and feeling sorry for her daughter who was assaulted at a motel.  Afterwards, Detective Seo kills herself out of anger and guilt.  At her grave, Young Chief Kang asks why they don’t have independent investigative rights. “When we have the criminal right in front of us, we can’t even arrest him let alone get a warrant. Why do we always lose in battles against prosecutors? Please attain power for weak victims who suffer unfairly.  Please attain great power and acquire the right to investigate independently. I believe you’ll be able to do it. I’ll help you any way I can.” Young Chief Kang asks Chief Yoo to call her Detective Seo so she won’t ever forget the indignity and guilt towards her former partner.


Credit: Drama SBS

4. Tae Il gets stabbed by Yoo Ae Won’s men. Her goal? To retrieve the pendant. Dae Gu,”Is this design so difficult to create? Even the replica experts are shaking their heads, then..”. Tae Il,”I wonder if we should look into foreign experts now. Henry did most his work in France, so their craftsmanship might be better.” Dae Gu leaves his cell phone and tells Tae Il to get in the car first, he’ll be right back. That’s when Tae Il gets jumped by Yoo Ae Won’s men. He struggles to keep the pendant but to no avail. Tae Il,”What are you doing? No, you can’t. Hey! Give it to me! Give it to me NOW! Let go! ” He gets stabbed and says, “Hey, give me the pendant. Give it to me!” Dae Gu arrives at the scene screaming his name and asks him, “What is this? Who did it? Who did this?!” All Tae Il can say is,”Pendant. Detective Eo. Pendant.” Dae Gu,” Alright. I got it, so don’t talk anymore.” Tae Il,” Some guys took..took it away..” Dae Gu,” God, stuff like that doesn’t matter, so stop talking already! 119…119…Someone call 119 please! Someone! 119!”

Credit: Drama SBS

5. This was so cute. Dae Gu is upset at Soo Seon for saying he’s not his ideal type. Soo Seon asks if he’s angry at her and he says yes. She asks why, is it because of the pendant? He calls her a bird brain. Soo Seon,”Then why are you mad at me.” Dae Gu,” Why aren’t I your ideal type? I’m asking you why aren’t I your ideal type? Then exactly who is your type?! Did you really kiss me for business?” Soo Seon,” Hey, Eun Dae Gu, you’re really…” Dae Gu,”Really what?!” Soo Seon,”Is that important to you right now? The pendant from 11 years ago appeared and..” Dae Gu,”Yeah that’s important too, but since you told me that I’m not your ideal type, I feel as if I suddenly lost the reason to live. So who is it? Your ideal type?” Soo Seon,” Your friend, Kim Ji Yong.” Awwwww…..

Credit: Drama SBS




Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever