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YAAS Official OST CD To Be Released In Stores on July 22nd

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According to TopStarNews, the OSTs for YAAS have been sweeping the charts with songs from top singers such as Taeyon’s ‘I Only See You’, San E’s ‘What’s Wrong With Me?”, and Lee Seung Chul’s ‘I Must Be In Love’. In addition, there is an OST from the 3 person band EDEN called ‘One Love’ who first debuted in Japan and gained a great deal of popularity. Add to this today’s release of Ahn Jae Hyun’s OST, ‘That Was You’. Before his debut release, he was a regular guest on a radio show and captured female hearts by earning the nickname ‘Honey Vocal Cords’. His single is the title song for the album.

The song list for YAAS’s Official OST CD:


01. 사랑하나 봐 (I Must Be In Love)
02. 사랑 그 한마디 (Love, That One Word)
03. 나 왜이래 (Feat. 강민희 of 미스에스) (What’s Wrong with Me?)
04. 그게 너였다 (That Was You)
05. 그대만 보여요 (I Only See You)
06. One Love ~ by Eden
07. You Are All Surrounded
08. 테헤란로 114길 11 (Teheran-ro 114 Street 11)
09. 강남경찰서 P4 (Gangnam Police Station P4)
10. We Are Partners
11. 한 뼘의 성장 (Growth in One Span)
12. The End, And New Beginning
13. Trauma
14. 사람이 온다는 것은 (When Love Comes)
15. Photographic Memory
16. The Crime Occurred!
17. Justice For All
18. Top Secret

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Source: TopStarNews

Song chart: Melon

One thought on “YAAS Official OST CD To Be Released In Stores on July 22nd

  1. They have all been awesome, to bad we did not have one from our Seunggi, but of course the drama has been fantastic:))

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