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Go Ara’s Third Tweet with Photo & Caption

Go Ara tweeted yet another Selca with herself, Ji Gook, and Park Tae Il at 1:45 PM KST. ara sun

Credit: FloARA211

“A nice sunny day ^_^*”

This was her previous photo with the two actors in her second tweet:

Ara2Credit: FloARA211


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Go Ara’s 2nd Tweet and Selca with Message

Go Ara just tweeted another Selca of herself, Ji Gook, and Park Tae Il around 1:30PM KST with a caption.

Ara2Credit: FloARA211

“Bleary-eyed~^.~ “

Dear P4 team and the rest of the YAAS Cast and Crew, hold on for 2 more episodes and get plenty of sleep afterwards. Fighting!

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Go Ara’s Selca with Cha Seung Won this AM with Message

Go Ara treated us to another photo of herself and Cha Seung Won in a tweet around 9:20AM KST.

arachaCredit: FloAra211

“Cha Sunbaenim is an awesome man! Sunbaenim you’re the best~^.^~ “

Maybe that wasn’t the most PC statement to make for Airens, but my blog supports all of Lee Seung Gi’s costars and honestly, I think it’s quite boring and unfair to blog only Seung Gi’s photos and news. Making a drama is a team effort and they deserve coverage too.

Sunbaenim is a Korean term used to address a fellow coworker who is older and more experienced than you.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Lee Seung Gi Spotted in Ilsan ~ Again ^^

I guess I’m lucky to be living in Ilsan…or not…because my schedule doesn’t allow me to go and visit his numerous filming scenes done here. Now photos of him coming out of an automatic self/group photo shop called Ulzzang have popped up on twitter this morning. Ulzzang is Korean slang for an attractive face. It is also a chain of self/group photo “studios” across Korea where teens can go with their friends to take group photos or just portraits of themselves. After the photo is taken, one can photoshop it using all kinds of special effects.  DClsg members were asking “What’s with the mask? Did he catch a cold?” Most likely, he wanted to avoid being recognized to no avail. Having his manager beside him doesn’t help either.  LOL.


ilsan1 ilsan2 ilsan3Credit: son710823 naver blog