Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

3 thoughts on “Cuckoo Puppy Story GIFS~ Lee Seung Gi and His Furry Pal

  1. I don’t know which is more cute~~puppy or Seunggi. It is perfect cute, sweet & lovable.

  2. He looks so cute. Like him more and more

  3. Oh, very Lovely. Lee seung gi wear blue shirt looks good-looking. Puppi dog also look nice.Lee seung gi hold puppi dog, looks more lovely.cute. But oppa must carefully, because Fur of dog is not good for health. See oppa hold dog, feel very lovely. Very love lee seung gi. Oh, I feel very fun. Seem everything which I want to see, all are supplied same I want. Wow, very love Lee Seung Gi and This Web page. I whish, I will has a husband and a son same as Lee Seung Gi: standard high, sexy,manly,cute,generous. Acorrding to me, A man no need must have beautiful shape as Flower by operation, A man only need have: standard high .generous.Fun.Manly.Sexy.Cute.hard shape. Lee Seung Gi has all marks which I like. In Korea Actors, Lee Seung Gi and Hyun Bin have special shape. Beside high standard, both of two have dimples on face, very perfect. But Lee Seung Gi often send message for Fans more than Hyun Bin, so I like Lee Seung Gi more. I feel, eyes of LSG still hurt. I hope LSG will feel fun when read my messages and fast recover. Because I am a woman, so I like man is taller than me, will feel That man may protect me. I very like Clip Lee Seung Gi take photo with puppy. LSG not worry, fans will always be near LSG. Because I work in Pharmacy, so I also not have many times to write Blog, but if I have free times, I will write on blog about LSG. Bye.Thank you very much about news of Web about LSG

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