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YAAS Cast and Crew Wrap Up Filming~ It’s Over! with HD Photo

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The YAAS cast and crew finished filming Episode 20 a little past 3:30pmKST today. There’s so much news on Twitter today and due to work, I’m now getting a chance to blog some belated posts during my dinner break. Tonight’s episode will be a bittersweet end to a much anticipated drama with Lee Seung Gi in the lead role as Eun Dae Gu.

I will also miss~ not totally, LOL~ the back to back sleepless nights subbing and editing each episode for Viki.com. I have other projects going on, but I will miss seeing the P4 team all through the night as I sub with the Freeze team. It’s been a great learning experience for me and I will miss working with these superbly talented people.  Here are some photos I grabbed off of Twitter to blog during my spare moments:

cutmypicCredit: Minkyun_cam

The production crew and Cha Seung Won review the final shoot as they wrapped up shooting this afternoon.

name badges

Credit: miny0108

hd photo teamCredit: TopStarNews

Goodbye YAAS Cast and Crew! Thank you for bringing us 20 episodes of entertainment through your hard work, unending dedication, and countless sleepless nights.  We will not forget you! To the P4 team: You will be missed! Seung Gi, please get plenty of rest after the wrap up party and best wishes for a speedy recovery! Looking forward to your next project.


Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

One thought on “YAAS Cast and Crew Wrap Up Filming~ It’s Over! with HD Photo

  1. Gets lots of much deserved rest Seunggi and the rest to the Yaas team. Thank You Elise and the rest of the Viki.com Freeze team for the clear and accurate subbing which helped to make watched Yaas a even more enjoyable experience. I will look forward to everyones next projects:))

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