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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] CJ Hello Mobile FM Fancams~ Complete Set by Sgsunylove

Seung Gi Greets the fans

Seung Gi mentions how he’s the CF model for CJ Mobile and because he just finished filming that day,  things have been hectic.  He continues by saying this is the first official meeting with fans after filming. The  MC remarks how tired me must be and tells him to have a seat.  He then asks Seung Gi to cross his legs “to look cool” and Seung Gi mentions his pants being too tight for it.  The MC tells him to be careful while laughing to lighten the atmosphere. The females in the audience scream and the MC ends by saying there will be a short interview with Seung Gi and time with the fans.

Seung Gi talks about his feelings filming YAAS

The MC asks Seung Gi to point out a specific memorable filming experience during the making of YAAS. Seung Gi says that it’s been a drama filled with humor and mentions the staff, director and fellow cast members Cha Seung Won and Sung Ji Roo (Squad Chief Lee). He also mentions his eye injury and how thankful he is that he was able to recover quickly and return to filming without any significant side effects.  The MC then asks him if he’s okay and Seung Gi replies,”Of course!”. The MC continues by telling him that he can’t get hurt because he’s “ours”.


YAAS in China surpassing over 300 million views

The MC asks Seung Gi if he’s aware of the fact that YAAS has been downloaded over 300 million to 350 milllion times. The audience claps and Seung Gi bows his head in thanks. He says he’s only heard of it from many people so he’s very curious as to how he should feel about it. He continues by saying his fellow costars have also been curious about it as well.  Go Ara and Cha Seung Won have joked about going directly to China to see for themselves and both are scheduled to leave for China after YAAS.  Seung Gi jokes that they want to see if it’s just talk or if they’re recognizable in China.


Seung Gi talks about his diet and fitness


The MC asks Seung Gi how he exercises. Seung Gi says he has been exercising vigorously during filming. He says he’s also had a tight filming schedule so he’s been eating at home and when filming overnight, he does it through his diet with nutritious food. He’s been watching his diet these past 2 months.  Last year for the Gu Family Book, his trademark diet food was cooked duck meat. This year, for YAAS it is Galbi Tang (Beef Short Rib Soup). He says that Eun Dae Gu is a chic and cynical character, so he believed that he needed to be slender instead of plump. At the end when the MC states that he looks slender, Seung Gi jokes that he’s “swollen right now”.


What Seung Gi wants to do right now and his schedule

The MC asks him what he wants to do right now and the audience chants “Sleep!”. Seung Gi said instead of sleeping, he’d like to have some cold beer to everyone’s surprise.  The MC asks him “what about tomorrow?” and Seung Gi says that he’ll be doing some healing and warming up for his next project. A female in the audience asks him “what is it?” and the MC jokes to the audience not to “bug” Seung Gi starting from tomorrow.


When will Seung Gi restart his career as a singer

Seung Gi mentions that he’s had OSTs in his past dramas and that most fans probably expected one from him this time as well.  “Honestly, I recorded one.” He had preparations for releasing his new album this year. But after recording it, he didn’t feel it was the right genre for drama and thought after monitoring it,”wouldn’t this be too much of a waste to use just for an OST song?” The audience erupts into applause as he concludes by saying he decided to keep it to include in his next album.


The first phone call

The person will receive a gift and an autograph. The MC tells Seung Gi that it wouldn’t have any meaning if he dialed the number and hands the phone to Seung Gi. Ticket #915! Seung Gi says “out of all these women, it’s a man…seriously”.  The MC asks the man if he was flustered and the man states that his mother is also a fan. The MC asks Seung Gi if it’s okay if the fan gives his turn to his mother. She greets him and the MC tells her to come up to the front to pick up her gift.


The second phone call is a flop

There’s no signal for this phone call. The MC states how that person lost out on his/her chance. The third phone call is also a flop. An ahjussi picked up and Seung Gi jokingly asks what kind of people are gathered in the glass jar.  The MC says the ahjussi is also out. The next phone call is also a flop. Seung Gi says it sounded like the person knew who was calling but the person laughed and hung up.  The last call is also a flop and the MC says they’ll try another call if there’s time.


Photo Time

It’s time for fans to take photos of Seung Gi and he poses. After a while, he asks what they want and they say a heart. Then they ask for a big heart so he makes one over his head.  The MC asks for an “airport fashion” pose so Seung Gi puts his hand in his pocket and leans to one side.  The MC then asks for a YAAS pose and Seung Gi pretends to shoot a gun. A woman in the audience asks him to shoot “love bullets” to which he finally obliges after saying “It’s been a while since I did this”. The MC asks the audience if they love Lee Seung Gi and they say yes. He tells them to cheer if they do.


Wrap Up Party, Final Greeting, Heart Greeting

He tells the audience that he’s planning on attending the wrap up party and a female audience member tells him to take it easy. He replies that he’s planning to drink a Korean “hangover” remedy called “Condition” before going. (The Airen fanclub prepared this for him~ please see my posts on the wrap up party for photos of this.)  He was happy meeting everyone through CJ Mobile, especially today when it’s his first official fan meet after filming. He then mentions seeing public buses passing by the Gangnam Police Station and “100% of them had CJ Hello Mobile Ads” on them. It embarrassed him during filming and the audience erupts into laughter.  He also thanks the audience for giving lots of love for his drama and for using CJ Mobile. The MC wraps up the meeting and tells Seung Gi to make sure to drink Condition before the party and asks the audience “We’re always going to love and cheer on Lee Seung Gi, right?” Everyone shouts “Yes!” The MC says “Until now, it’s been Lee Seung Gi”. Fans start coming up to the stage to give Seung Gi gifts. The MC says he’ll hold the mike as Seung Gi jokes “This isn’t alcohol, is it?”. The MC asks for another round of applause for Seung Gi. End of FM.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi ‘s Autograph for a Chinese Restaurant in Japan

There have been 2 Seung Gi sightings on Twitter so far, one in the Shibuya district and the other in Ginza yesterday. Both are well known shopping and entertainment districts in Tokyo. Many Japanese Airens were excited and I felt almost as if I were eavesdropping on their Twitter conversation. Their tweets said he was tall.  Questions and comments were interesting to read, but out of respect for the Japanese Airens I know, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to translate them. This time, Seung Gi was at a Chinese Restaurant called Chinese Cafe Eight where their specialty is Peking Duck. He was at the Roppongi branch in the district of Minato, Tokyo which is well known for its nightlife.  Here’s the English link to the restaurant that Seung Gi dined at: Roppongi.


ropoongiCredit: weibo