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What Is Test Filming?~ Answers About Photo for ‘Today’s Love’

After reading several online Korean articles in addition to English ones, four things are certain:


1. Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won have been confirmed as the leads in the film

2. Filming begins at the end of July~ a set date has NOT been confirmed~ One Korean online article said that filming began on July 25th after cast members attended a gosa (a Korean shamanistic ceremony offering food to the spirits in order to ward off misfortune and bring good luck) at Korea National University of Arts on July 23rd. Details about the school were later revealed by dclsg posts and the Korean media.

3. The movie will premiere in 2015

4. This will be Seung Gi’s movie debut 🙂 So excited for him!


For readers who are wondering what the photo showing ‘Test Filming’ for the movie is all about, I ran across some information about it in DC Chae Won Gallery:

mcw galleryCredit: as labeled via DC Chae Won

tl testing alee minCredit: alee_min

What is test filming?

1.  To assess filming and lighting equipment


2.  After doing test filming with film cameras, the goal is to determine the tone of the movie and confirm whether or not the lighting has been properly reflected in the film… Because this is the digital age, it’s possible to confirm this right away…


3.  No matter what movie it is, there is always a scene that is the most difficult to film. Therefore, the goal is to prepare for the actual filming and to make it easier by testing the line/movement of the actors, cameras, etc as well as determining lighting positions.

Credit: Chae Won Holic via DC Chae Won


Are you excited yet about the movie? It will be 5 years since Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won work together again since their appearance in ‘Brilliant Legacy’. Here are some photos to walk you down memory lane. 🙂

 ms1 ememb emmemebr3bl1 bl2 bl3Credit: Press photos, final ones are from SBS

This excerpt from dramabeans sums up Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won’s feelings about the film very well:

About his casting, Lee Seung-gi said, “The pairing was interesting because it seemed like a natural relationship; one that could exist in real life. I enjoy the [rom-com] genre, so I’m really looking forward to this project. Also, I’m really happy that I get to work with Director Park, whom I’ve always liked. It’s my first movie so I’m nervous and feel an additional burden, but I won’t be greedy and will be ready to learn as I try my best.”

Moon Chae-won said, “The story is about a warm and realistic romance, wrapped around moments of fun and humor. It is the kind of love that most experience at least once in their lifetimes, and that’s what I liked about it. I hope it is a work through which I can show viewers another side to myself.”

Credit: dramabeans


Current Seung Gi- Chae Won photos by the press

msnow1 msnow2 msnow3Credit: Dispatch, Soompi, tenasia.co.kr




Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever