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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi’s Schedule for KCON 2014~ *UPDATED AS OF 8/11 KST*

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*UPDATE* Seung Gi’s schedule has changed for Artist Engagement and Booth Appearances as well as his flight schedule back to Korea.

Source: USAiren

Here’s Seung Gi’s final schedule as of this morning, August 9th KST. This is the latest info I read on his official website:


August 9th


~ Depart Incheon Airport to LAX via Asiana Airlines at 16:30 KST ~12:00 PDT arrival

~ 17:30 ~ Girls’ Education Booth

~ 19:00~ KCON Opening Greeting


August 10th


~ 15:30 Fan sign session (*UPDATED 8/11 @7:20am KST)

~ 16:00 CJ O’Shopping Booth/ Girls Education Booth (*UPDATED 8/11 @7:20am KST)

~ 16:30 Red Carpet (www.leeseunggi.com has not updated us on this time)


August 12th


~ Depart LAX for Incheon Airport via Asiana Airlines at 13:40 PDT – arrive in Korea at 18:10 KST +1DAY (Korea is a day ahead of the USA, thus the +1)




Source: www.leeseunggi.com


One thought on “Lee Seung Gi’s Schedule for KCON 2014~ *UPDATED AS OF 8/11 KST*

  1. Oi,oppa Lee Seung Gy goes abroad by areplane so much. Maybe, oppa will be tired. He just takes a rest a little in Japan, now he is continuing to fly to go America. Love Oppa very much. Oppa miss to keep Health

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