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Details on Airen 6 FM

Seung Gi’s Airen 6 Fan Meet is coming up so I went to the Airen Zone on his official website and nearly died of happiness. It’s all in Korean right now and there’s so many things about the FM. I hope to share some of the news with international Airens who are attending the fan meet.  The two major events for the Airen 6 FM are:

1. Handshake sessionWill take place after the fan meeting. On the website, they say, “If you hold on tight to your sanity, you can confirm Seung Gi’s eyelashes…” 😛


2. Two types of souvenirs – For Airens who attend the fan meet. According to the website, they say it’s “A gift that has never before been seen at any of Lee Seung Gi’s events…We guarantee it! It’s worth waiting for~~^^!


Airen 6 meeting with Lee Seung Gi>

– Date: 2014.8.24 (Sun) 6PM-8:30 (Event time can change)


– Event location : Blue Square Samsung Card Hall


  How to get there : Hangangjin Subway station, Exit 2




– Information about the Airen Booth


Confirm you are a member ▶ Receive your ticket ▶ Receive Souvenirs for the event ▶ (Receive Airen goods/ Give out event items to the winners)


Enter the Fan Meeting ▶Fan Meeting ▶ Handshake Session▶ Wrap up of event ▶ Exit


 1. Confirmation of membership : 2PM ~ 5:30PM

ID: (Korean Social Security Card, Driver’s License, Passport, Student ID, Foreigner’s ID)


2. Ticket Distribution: 3PM ~ 5:30PM

Seats are randomly distributed.


3. Souvenir & Event goods distribution : 3PM ~ 5:30PM



* Event goods : The goods prepared by the fanclub will be revealed on site.


 4. Airen goods :  3PM~ 5PM

 You can pick up preordered fanclub T-shirts and lightsticks or buy them on site.


5. Event giveaway : 3PM-5PM

‘Unfinished Story 10’ Event Winners 10 people


 – Airen Event


[Fanclub Event]


* Fanclub video clip event


* Surprise event :  To be revealed on the day of the event


For fans who wear the official fanclub t-shirt on the day of the event, you will receive a souvenir button/pin as a gift.

Fans can also purchase the button on that day.


* Catering Event

[United Fan Event]


* Photo Zone~ Will be located at the entrance of Samsung Card Hall’s Entrance.


Some Reminders:


* Please bring a source of ID to confirm your identity.


*  Photos, fancams, audio recordings, SNS, etc, are prohibited inside the performance venue.


*  Gifts cannot be personally given to Seung Gi. If you leave them at the Airen gift reception area, they will be relayed to him on the day of the event.


* You know not to squeeze Seung Gi’s hand during the handshake session, right ^^?

Since he has to shake hands with so many fans, please don’t forget to gently hold his hand so that it doesn’t hurt as part of Airen manners.



Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Source: http://www.leeseunggi.com, Airen zone









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[English] Interview with Lee Seung Gi at Incheon Airport Post KCON 2014~ OSEN

Credit: OSEN


English translation summary:

Reporter: Hello, how was your trip?

Seung Gi: It was good.

Reporter: What was your most entertaining/memorable experience in LA?

Seung Gi says that he really enjoyed the audience in the USA, had a great time, and was glad that he went.

Reporter: How was the food?

Seung Gi: It fit my taste perfectly.  Because I didn’t have time, I couldn’t go to specialty (famous) restaurants, but I think what remains in my memory is eating brunch at a cafe on Rodeo Drive.

Reporter: What’s the first thing you want to do after arriving in Korea?

Seung Gi: First, I think I need to get some sleep.

Reporter: Thank you.


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi Drama Character Caricatures~ Fan Art

This is the fan by GeniusSYYS that I mentioned in my post about her mugs. She hasn’t finished the background yet but has uploaded an almost complete version of Seung Gi in the various drama roles he has played.  The background will be a stream. There have been so many orders placed for her fans and tumblers already. One person even ordered 10 fans!  This is really a piece of art. 🙂

신형오죽선(중)신형오죽선(중)신형오죽선(중) 신형오죽선(중)신형오죽선(중)Credit: GeniusSYYS

Click here for the original link to see it enlarged: DCLSG