Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

23 thoughts on “Airen 6 FM in Seoul~ My Fan Account as “Best Airen”

  1. ❤ i was just smiling whiled awed! thank you for sharing.

  2. You are very lucky. I wish I could meet him in person too. Tnx for your wonderful story 🙂

  3. siempre que leo tu historia lloro de emoción, me parece que ese día estaba contigo allí, siento una emoción muy grande, aunque tarde recibe mis felicitaciones..

  4. I was smiling all along reading this KYAAAAAAAAH lucky girl but u deserve it for ur hard work. I wish I can meet him. But if I would post my contribution, I’ll be too ashamed since I write fanfictions about him 😛

  5. great Elise 😉 Nice to hear this!

  6. Hi Elise!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories!! Congrats for chosen to be ‘Best Airen’!! I’m so happy and excited for you!! Seung Gi sweet hug, handshakes, pictures, and talking directly to SG is the ultimate best!! I was very moved when i read your article and pictures!! You are well deserved for your amazing hard work and English translations! I really enjoy reading your blog very much!! :))) Seung Gi is truly an amazing and loving sweetheart!! I’m so happy and lucky to find him and your blog site! 😀

  7. Thank you so much Elise for this wonderful fan account. Really happy for you and also thank you for mentioning Malaysia. Really missed Lee Seung Gi and hope he can have another fan meet in Malaysia.

  8. Oh!!! That’s why i’m wondering that you haven’t any post on that day!!! I keep on checking every now and then because even i read some bloggers, i must say that your blog is my favorite, that’s why on that day i’m kinda sad that i can’t read any blogs from You elise, but now i understand and happy for you and i’m envious of you because you’ve got the chance to talk, hug and have his autograph!!!!! When is my time????? Thank you for sharing your experience!!!! 😘😘😘😘

  9. Thank you Elise. I am really so happy for you 🙂

  10. So touching,,finally i read this ㅋㅋㅋ so happy for u eonni ^^ congrats,,and thank you for mentioned Indonesia,kyaahh you re so lucky got a warm hug from seung gi ,thank you for sharing n continue your blogging ^^ hwaiting!!hope u will meet seung gi again soon kekee~~

  11. I’m so happy for you 🙆 .. thanks to god you wrote on the “Best Airen ” Easel😥 .. I’m one of the reader of your blog🙇 .. I’m from Saudi Arabia .. it is difficult to read seung gi’s news in korean but you made it easy for us💜👏 .. thank you so much💗💗.. I wish Seung Gi will often see your blog.🙏

  12. Wow daebak… bikin iri… 🙂 ,
    Thanks Elise Unnie udah mentioned Indonesia dan sharing tentang Seung Gi yah..
    Fighting Unnie dan salam kenal dari saya.. 😀

  13. I really am so happy for you Elise. I hope you keep on fighting. I may not always comment or read your posts but rest assured that I shall always be praying for you. God permitted this, I was/afraid I can not access this but I went thru… I guess He wants me to tell you how happy I am for you. Elise… keep fighting..

  14. your blog is one of my favorites. thanks for your sharing and congratulations on being chosen as the “Best Airen” and getting a big hug. you are beautiful in the picture.
    would you mind to translate the “10 Questions 2014 For My Airen”? thank you!

    • Hi Jason,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’d be happy to translate “10 Questions 2014 For My Airen” as soon as I can. I already have the video saved on my twitter account. It’s just a matter of when I have free time to blog. I hope to post more often this week.

  15. Oohh.. Elise unnie you are such an angel to all airens… My tears keep on falling while reading your story…. Thank you for mentioning philippines to seungi yah… Im always praying and hoping that he will visit our country… Godbless your blog and keep on spreading our Seung Gi LOVE…. More power Unnie!!!!

  16. Elise looks very Nice. I wish Seung Gy will often See Your Blog. Lee Seung Gy is really So Sweet. I very like sweet .warm men. A killer hold. Lee Seung Gy kill fan by Warm.Sweet.Face.Eyes.Height. Cute. I very like songs as Will You Marry Me, Alone In Love, Love taugh Drink,Because you are my Woman. All lyrics are very Sweet.Warm same as Lee Seung Gy. Smile is very Nice same a Child. I notice, seem Lee Seung Gy very like Strawbery. I very like to hear Candy Ear, song is sweet same Lee Seung Gy. He is very Manly.Cute.Sexy. Forever love My Idol

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    I’m so proud of you Elise!!!!

  18. Wow, fantastic and so well deserved Elise. So happy for you~~you deserve Seunggi recognition of you and your hard sharing with International Fans. Awesome 2 handshakes or was 3:)) and he bent down to your eye level (so sweet) and then a killer( BIG WARM BEAR HUG) thanks for letting us live it through you here in your own words~~going to read it all again:))

  19. Thanks Elise for sharing your exciting story, and again.. Chukkae!! ^^ so happy for you..

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