Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[English] Japanese Magazine, Korean Drama Guide~ February 2011 Issue~ Some Facts About Lee Seung Gi


japanfmag1Credit: bisso

In white, it says “Angel”, In turquoise, the last 2 katakana characters are parts of his first name, Seung Gi (spelled スンギ) followed by “Interview” in kanji and katakana.

Above it in the yellow balloon says “Brilliant Legacy” and “1N2D” are gaining attention!

jpmag2Credit: bisso

Seung Gi had to answer the following questions written in Hangul with a Y or a N. If you notice his answer sheet, his replies for the last part of the questionnaire are written in Japanese. Seung Gi is so talented! He is known for speaking Japanese well. If you’ve watched his music videos for his Love Time Japan Debut Album as well as fancams of his concerts in Japan, you’ll be impressed. I’m learning Japanese through self study so I can follow his activities in Japan. It’s not easy. ^^;;

The yellow balloon roughly says “I/We want to know more about Lee Seung Gi!”

Here are the questions Seung Gi answered: Yes/No Questions

I like things to be neat and tidy? Y

I easily feel lonely? N

I don’t like losing? N (He originally wrote Y but erased it LOL.)

I’m meticulous? Y

I tend to laugh easily? Y

I tend to cry easily? N

I can easily forget about events that cause disappointment and despair? Y

I tend to be cautious? N (He originally wrote Y but erased it)

I get frightened easily? N

I’m a good listener? Y

I am friendly to females? Y



Your favorite word? I can say it.

Your favorite color? Blue

Your favorite number? 8

Something you can’t do well or dislike? Pass

On the questionnaire that Seung Gi completed, he was asked “If you were to compare yourself to an animal, which animal would it be?” but he left that blank

What did you consider precious when you were young? Friend

What do you consider the most precious now? Family

What do you do the best out of household chores? Cleaning

jpmag3jpmag4jpmag5jpmag6jpmag8Credit: bisso


Japanese and Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

2 thoughts on “[English] Japanese Magazine, Korean Drama Guide~ February 2011 Issue~ Some Facts About Lee Seung Gi

  1. It is really same . When I watched all films which has Lee Seung Gy, I like most Oppa wear Blue Clothes, I feel Blue and White very suitable with Oppa. But when read this Mail, I only know Lee Seung Gy like Blue. Very Handsome and Charming. Usually, charming say Woman But LSG is So Lovely, so I not know to use any Word to describe out Charming. Super Cute

  2. i always smile by my self when i read about seunggi 😀

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