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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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KB Financial Group Everland Event~ Lee Seung Gi~ Fancams #5

Credit: Lee Peony

English summary translation:

Kids were playing a game and the losers have to get off the stage. I love how the kids are crazy about Seung Gi and hug him like crazy. The MC remarks how one little boy in particular likes Seung Gi so much. The kids have to play a game of rock, paper, scissors with each other for the next event.

Credit: Lee Peony


This is a GIF of Seung Gi’s reaction to children rushing up to the stage at the beginning of the event. According to the fan who made this GIF and attended the event, he wanted them to be careful and not hurt themselves. His expression is priceless. 

everlandkidsCredit: qlcksms01

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[English] Firstlook Outdoor CF Video ~ Abnormal Summit Parody ㅋㅋ

Credit: O Shopping CJ

This new CF clip for Firstlook Outdoor using foreigners speaking Korean is hilarious and definitely an attention getter. Kudos to the Firstlook CF team for coming up with such an innovative idea. 🙂

English translation:

Opening caption: A stylish goose down is expensive. Is it common sense vs. Is it nonsense

Sam from Ghana: When I first arrived in Korea from Ghana, it was winter and I almost froze to death.  I was standing in the airport and suddenly…(caption as he makes robotic frozen movements is similar to “Brrr” in English)

Everyone laughs as the caption says “It’s funny”

Sam: Hello…(Caption says: It was too cold)

Julian from Belgium: Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, but you earned a lot of money~

Julian: This winter, you can treat yourself to a goose down~

Sam: In Korea, fashionable outdoor wear is so expensive that I can’t afford it

Alberto from Italy: If you want to buy a decent one, it costs over $1,000 (US dollars).

Sam freaks out: $1,000?!! (Caption says: No way…)

Tyler from the USA:  Couldn’t we find a reasonably priced goose down for Sam?

Julian: Nah~ There’s nothing like that…

Sam: Such an item doesn’t exist…There isn’t.

Alberto: Now that I think about it, there is one.

Julian: Almost dies of laughter.

Sam: Where is such a thing? Alberto, please tell me up front.

Alberto: Search the Internet. If you search for “Lee Seung Gi Padding (Jacket), it’ll pop up.

Everyone: Lee Seung Gi Padding

Sam: Who is Lee Seung Gi? (Caption in huge letters says: He is too confident!)

Alberto: He’s very stylish/cool

Sam: You said he’s very stylish/cool? Who is Lee Seung Gi? (Caption beneath him says “Sam, why are you being like this?”)

Alberto: How can you not know..Lee Seung Gi? (Caption says “speechless”) Are you really living in Korea?

Caption in bold as the reactions of the other 3 members are shown: “Sam, what are we going to do about you?”

Julian: Lee Seung Gi Padding..Oh! It’s here!!

Alberto: I’m not lying

Julian: Sam, Sam, Sam, look at this!

Tyler: So it is. (You’re right)

Sam: Oh! It’s cool! (Caption says “This is very beautiful”) This is really beautiful!

Julian: It’s really cool/stylish.

Alberto: Firstlook. It’s Firstlook Goose Down.

Sam: Hey! This is pretty decent! I’m going immediately!

Julian: Let’s go together, Sam! (Caption says “Why are you going alone? Let’s go together!”)

Tyler: I’ll go too~

Caption in yellow on black background: Expensive outdoor wear is senseless

In unison: Fi-rs-t-lo-ok

Male voice and Ending caption: The first in sensible outdoor wear


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] KB Financial Group Everland Event Fancams~ 2 More ^^

This first one has already been translated into English in my previous post: http://wp.me/p3JNUN-4xs

Credit: lsg 빛나다

Credit: lsg 빛나다

English translation summary for the 2nd fancam:

The MC asks Seung Gi to relay his thoughts and feelings about the event.

Seung Gi: It is very spectacular and out of the events I’ve participated in, the participation rate is the highest. The atmosphere is very heartwarming.

The MC asks the audience to make some noise for Seung Gi and the response is deafening. 🙂

Seung Gi mentions how he thinks the response is more passionate than his fanclub. He comments about the amount of passion in the audience. The MC asks him if it isn’t the first time Seung Gi has seen such passionate fans. Seung Gi says,”Truly, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this (kind of response.) The MC asks him if that’s so and Seung Gi answers yes.

The MC addresses the audience and tells them that they’ve had a good time with Lee Seung Gi. He thanks Seung Gi and Seung Gi bows. The MC announces that they will be taking a commemorative photo. He then tells the audience “Up till now, we’ve had a really good time. Everyone, did you enjoy yourselves?” They all shout “YES!!” and the MC starts calling several people up to the stage in preparation for the photo.

Here’s the press photo:

kb everland sports chosun

Credit: Sports Chosun


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Airen 6 FM Caricatures of Lee Seung Gi ~ Fan Art

GeniusSYYS is taking orders for a tumbler and is asking dclsg members to vote on a design. There are two options. One is a caricature of Seung Gi holding a cup a coffee while the second includes a drawing of some dessert items above his head. Orders will be placed tomorrow morning.  Here they are:

1889504268_7d30b2f9 tumbler2tumbler3tumbler4Credit: GeniusSYYS

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[English] KB Financial Group Event at Everland~ Lee Seung Gi~ Fancam #4

Credit: Lee Peony

I love how the kids rush to the stage and surround Seung Gi in this fancam. It’s the cutest thing.  🙂  Only the first 10 to reach the stage are supposed to participate in an activity with Seung Gi. However, it seems like Seung Gi is just as popular with the kids as he is with older Airens. ^^

English translation:

The MC calls Lee Seung Gi out onto the stage. Even the kids are screaming. LOL. The MC asks Seung Gi to greet everyone. He says “I’m really happy to meet you, I’m KB model Lee Seung Gi. It’s really a pleasure meeting you like this. The MC tells Seung Gi that kids and many people asked him for about 40 minutes why” Lee Seung Gi wasn’t appearing.” Then the MC tells Seung Gi that he can’t skip hearing his thoughts on being at the event.

Seung Gi: It’s been a while since I got to participate in an event with KB.  I’ve been with KB for 5 to 6 years ….thank you for greeting me so passionately in such a nice place. I’m really, really happy to meet you.

MC: It’s been your 5th year as a model for KB Financial Group. Exactly what could be the reason that allowed you to be a model for 5 years?

The kids and audience shout: Because you’re good looking!

Seung Gi looks at them and quips jokingly: Because I’m good looking? (He laughs). Thanks for the compliment. Seung Gi explains that KB Financial group has been very loyal and emphasizes loyalty as the reason.

MC: We can’t just have Lee Seung Gi greet us and leave the stage, can we? He asks Seung Gi if it’s okay with him and he replies yes.  The MC tells the audience that they will be spending a fun time with Seung Gi now.  He announces that he will pick 10 kids by their order of arrival onto the stage. The kids are ready to get out of their seats and the MC tells them that it’s not time yet.  He asks everyone to get back into their seats.  He asks kids to come down from the stage. He calls for a teacher. He tells the kids to get off the stage. (Poor man, LOL. Having to control excited kids isn’t easy). The first 10 kids to reach the stage will have “dance time” with Seung Gi. Then he tells them to get ready and to start running towards the stage. Seung Gi gets bombarded by a throng of kids and the MC asks teachers to help out because he had a similar experience earlier and said it was scary. LOL. The MC tries to keep the kids in order and asks Seung Gi to move towards the left of the stage while the kids line up on the right. They start counting off how many kids are on the stage since 10 is the limit. The video gets cut off here.


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever