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[English] Today’s Love Support Event ~ Epilogue~ Photos

“Movie: Today’s Love

Kang Junsu Teacher’s Late Night Snack Support Event Epilogue

In these first photos, the owner of the late night snack car let dclsg members borrow her office to put together these goodie bags. However, due to the sheer volume of goods, items overflowed into the hallway. LOL. First, stickers had to be put on each item. Next, an assortment of 6 items had to be packaged into clear vinyl bags. They then added 7 more items and put everything in a drawstring shoulder bag. Snacks and goodies included Mentos, an energy bar, Xylitol gum, Pringles potato chips in a mini canister, nuts, Red Gingseng drink, sausage, Berocca vitamins, socks, foaming toothpaste, a Today’s Love water bottle, and a multi scarf.



“Teacher Junsu’s Gifts”

The first item in the photo is a box of 30 herbal supplements. The second is a wooden clapper made from wood flown from Gangwondo province. It says,”Lee Seung Gi’s First Movie,’Today’s Love’. Third is a set of handmade plaster room air fresheners and soy candles. Next is a mini iPad. Fifth is a type of fermented blueberry elixir. It’s supposed to come from a very famous blueberry farm. 6th is a fan meant to cheer Seung Gi on. It says “We cheer on Lee Seung Gi’s first movie.” On the left in bold Korean is written “Fighting!” The last 3 in this set of photos are sunglasses, a cardigan and shirt. Not to forget GeniusSYYS’ “Daegu Daegu mugs” 🙂


The following photos say,”Now, shall we wrap them~”

tldclsgsupport3The last photo says, “Gift wrapping finished!!”

Now onto the Director’s Gifts: He received the same herbal supplements as Seung Gi did, just 10 less. The rest is followed by

 photos of the coffee truck (Photo #4)  which operated from 7pm to 7am the day of the support event. Photo #5 is of Tteokmo’s late night snack truck.  How sweet of Seung Gi to sign for both trucks!

tldclsgsupport5tldclsgsupport6Photo #6 is of the staff’s lunchboxes which consisted of rice with egg, marinated beef patties, 2 side dishes, and a cup of assorted fruit.

tldclsgsupport7Photo #7 is of lunchboxes for the director and Moon Chae Won. The menu includes egg with rice, grilled eel, Marinated beef patties, stewed baby back ribs with kimchi, marinated boiled pork, baked shrimp with flying fish roe, 3 side dishes, assorted fruit.

tldclsgsupport8“Teacher Junsu’s ‘Special Lunchbox'”

Hanwoo (Korean Beef) Ribeye steak over rice, Smoked duck, Orange Chicken Carpaccio, Grilled eel, Bulgogi (BBQ Korean beef), Grilled Homemade Short Rib Patties, Steamed Back Ribs with Kimchi, Marinated Boiled Pork, Baked Shrimp with flying fish roe, 3 side dishes, Assorted fruit


“Teacher Junsu’s Event Photo”

to DC Lee Seung Gi Gallery ♡♡♡

I ate a top notch late night snack!

I will greet you as cool Teacher Kang!

Thank you!

Lee Seung Gi


tldclsgsupport10Credit: dclsg

Movie Event team:

Mug Coffee, Piece of Cake, qlcsksms01, geniussyys, soldlsgi13, first fire


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Link to original dclsg post: DCLSG

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Today’s Love Filming Fanpic & Comment

 Today’s Love cast and crew filmed at Yeson Hospital in Bucheon city, about 45 minutes from Seoul.

sy_special tlfilming929Credit: sy_special

“#Yeson hospital They came to film at our hospital all day so we supported them but all that was left was #Lee Seung Gi #Moon Chae Won and #the fact we had eye contact. My director said I was prettier than Moon Chae Won. The director must’ve been tired because today was Monday + this photo is of the staff preparing to film”


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Translation of 5.5 Forest Photoessay Mini Album pgs 14-19

미니앨범 숲 12Credit: jejuslov

English translation:

Handwritten letters by Seung Gi feeding the dog: I also have food for the dog passing by…

Typed Hangul: There is a saying about being innocent as a lamb. However, a member of the staff said that was a wrong assumption because sheep are very mean and ferocious. The original saying was attributed to them in the hopes of making them meek but people were misinformed. However, as a newbie keeper(?) not accustomed to anything,  I decided to believe that they were the innocent lambs that I first believed after watching them deliciously eat the hay I fed them. It was a fun experience I had in a long time.

미니앨범 숲 13미니앨범 숲 14 미니앨범 숲 15Credit: jejuslov

English translation:

Handwritten title: Green makes a person feel fresh.

On a road I was passing by, I coincidentally stopped by Cheongtaesan Recreation Forest.  At that location, the warm sunlight pierced down through the tall trees and pine trees performing acrobatic feats weaving in between trees here and there. Would it be an exaggeration to say all that was like heaven? Still, that was a very delicately fragrant green forest which was like heaven to me.

미니앨범 숲 16Credit: jejuslov

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever