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Lee Seung Gi Forever First Anniversary Celebration~ Quiz and Prize Giveaway for Airen Readers

Tomorrow, October 7, 2014 is my blog’s 1st Anniversary. In celebration of this milestone, I am posting a quiz just for fun. How many questions can you answer off the top of your head? The first reader with the highest number of correct answers will receive a brand new copy of Seung Gi’s “The Best” album along with an official Airen 6 FM Lee Seung Gi golden crown pin plus a box of Market O brownies and cheese chips direct from Korea. In the event that the winner already has the album, a different Lee Seung Gi album of equivalent value will be substituted. Please email your answers to elisem1902@gmail.com. DO NOT POST THEM HERE UNDER THE COMMENTS SECTION UNLESS YOU WANT OTHERS TO SEE YOUR ANSWERS! ONLY ANSWERS EMAILED TO ME WILL QUALIFY FOR A PRIZE.  The deadline for answers is tomorrow at October 8th, 24:00 am KST.  The winner will be announced on the evening of Sunday, October 12th  KST. Good luck and have fun!


Question #1: What is Seung Gi’s favorite color?

Question #2: What is Seung Gi’s favorite season?

Question #3: What is Seung Gi’s favorite number?

Question #4:  What episode of 1N2D Season 1 did Seung Gi join the cast?

Question #5: Season 1 of 1N2D runs from episode #? to episode #?

Question #6: What physical feature does Seung Gi consider his best? (Be specific)

Question #7: What can Seung Gi absolutely not stand having done to him physically? (His weakness~ it was on 1N2D)

Question #8: What event was this and when? Give the exact date.


Question #9: What CF was this for? Be specific as possible.


Question #10: What MV is this from? What album? The year?


Question #11: What event is this? When? (Name the specific date) Which number runner was he? What was the color of his sneakers?


Question #12: What magazine is this from? What month, edition, and volume?

quiz5Question #13: What drama is this screencap from? Which episode? What song did he sing? Which album and what is its release date?


Question #14: What show is this from? Which episode? What was his name here?


Question #15: What show is this from? Which episode? What was his mission?



Good luck and have fun Airens! 😛  You have until tomorrow midnight KST to email me with your answers.



Elise Min


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[English] Lee Seung Gi Introduces New Cuckoo Product~ CF Event ~ Press Video

Credit: Chosun Ilbo Video Channel

The captions running across the blue banner read:

Cuckoo electronics’ exclusive model, singer Lee Seung Gi, is introducing their new product, ‘Hybrid Echo Range’ at The Plaza Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on October 6, 2014.


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Pizza Hut Topping King Star Edge CF~ Official 30sec video

Credit: enjoypizzahut

English translation:

Female voice: Seung Gi is a generous person. Why?

Seung Gi: Because they give double the amount of toppings. A generous amount of 7 best selling toppings whole!  Filled with refreshing Cranberry Nut Cream Cheese and sweet Apple cinnamon at the tip of the star shaped crust!

Female voice: Double the amount of toppings!

Seung Gi: Topping King! Wow! There’s no end to the toppings!

Ending caption: Get a large for the price of a medium!


Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever