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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] Top Star News HD Photo and Article on the Dimple Brothers and Lee Soon Jae

soonjaeCredit: TopStarNews

tvN’s ‘Grandpa’s Over Flowers’ Lee Soon Jae and Shin Gu’s reliable and highly active porter, Lee Seo Jin, and Lee Seung Gi, who received Lee Soon Jae’s advice on sageuk acting before filming MBC’s ‘The Gu Family Book”.  Not too long ago, they made a surprise appearance on KBS’ ‘Happy Together 3- The Gods of Acting’ special on behalf of Lee Soon Jae and Shin Gu to relay a thankful heart.

At that time, during a video interview, Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi who promised to attend Lee Soon Jae and Shin Gu’s ‘On Golden Pond’ and wished for it to be a smashing success, kept their promise to the teachers and once again showed their support. 

Meanwhile, the play ‘On Golden Pond’ is receiving much attention from middle aged audiences in addition to younger ones and is currently having a successful run.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Today’s Love Support Event by the Official Airen Fanclub


“Today’s Love” is with Junsu

Today’s meal is with  Seung Gi”


This is a play on words of the Korean phrases for Eat well and Film well which sound like this when romanized: “Jalmukgo” (Eat well and..) “Jal Jjig go” (Film well and..)

Read from left to right at the top line:

“Eat well GO! Film well GO! Daebak GO! 10 million GO!”

In hot pink at the bottom:

“Lee Seung Gi Official Fan Cafe Airen”


“Today’s Love Competency Exam

1st period- 7 star buffet

2nd period- Coffee & Tea

3rd period- Gifts”


According to the Official fanclub’s tweet, they said,” Even before the support event started, the response was overwhelming…the lighting and movie directors already heard the news and sent staff to fetch items!”

Bzja2t2CUAA_2b6Credit: AIREN_AIREN

“Today’s Love is sensationally sweet”

(They use the word Daebak here, which is equivalent to awesome, sensational, out of this world, etc)

(This sentence is a play on the phrase “it is sweet”, pronounced “dalgona”, which is another word for a crunchy, Korean sweet snack known as Bbopgi. It is made out of melted sugar that is poured into a mold and eaten when it’s cooled) Here, you can see they’re made into bear lollipops and dolls. It’s most similar to peanut brittle in the USA except without the peanuts. 🙂

BzjayXiCYAA9-67Credit: AIREN_AIREN

BzkIPavCcAAAGVPCredit: ladysukheekwon

Her tweet mentioned,“Total cuties!~ Explosive popularity! Before we knew it, they were all gone~haha”

Bzjee72CQAA1dtMCredit: AIREN_AIREN

“Today’s Love Competency Exam

2nd period- Coffee & Tea”

BzjegrmCYAAJVf1 BzjeiNrCUAAme4gCredit: AIREN_AIREN

“Lee Seung Gi’s Two jobs!

Teacher Kang’s Cafe only for today”

Seung Gi’s caption in the yellow bubble: What about having a cup of coffee with me~?

BzkN_f-CUAAco16Credit: ladysukheekwon


“Finally the meal has started~^^”