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Congratulations to Winner of Lee Seung Gi Forever’s First Anniversary Quiz & Answers

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for the quiz and prize giveaway to celebrate my blog’s first anniversary. Congratulations to Kaka Seunggi Airen for submitting the first entry with a perfect score. I also want to extend my congratulations to Sunshine Omuraisu for being the second and the only other entry with a perfect score. They have both been notified last night. Here are the answers to the quiz for the curious:

Question #1: What is Seung Gi’s favorite color?  Blue

Question #2: What is Seung Gi’s favorite season?  Winter

Question #3: What is Seung Gi’s favorite number? 8 (It was in an interview I blogged recently)

Question #4:  What episode of 1N2D Season 1 did Seung Gi join the cast? 27

Question #5: Season 1 of 1N2D runs from episode #? to episode #? 13-244 (This question had the most variety of answers among the 100+ entries I received. Prior to 1N2D, it was preceded by ‘Are You Ready’ featuring most of the 1 Night 2 Days members — Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Kim Jong-min, and Eun Ji-won. Are You Ready was canceled after 12 episodes because of low viewership ratings and replaced with 1N2D. The first episode of 1N2D aired on August 5, 2007.  Here’s a wikipedia link with the episode numbers: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_2_Days_%26_1_Night_episodes

In this list, Seung Gi joined the show in Episode 15, but all International Airens know it as Episode 27, so there’s a difference of (27-15=12) until the end of the show which is Episode #244. I have also accepted answers that said Season 1 started from Episode 1-233 but all English subbed videos with Seung Gi have it numbered from 27-244.   So 1N2D really started after the flopped 12 episodes of a previous show called ‘Are You Ready’ and that is  why the answer is not 1-244. You have to factor in the difference of 12 episodes which were a different show. In the Wikipedia chart, according to Happy Sunday numbering of the episodes, Season #1 runs from Ep #13 (Happy Sunday Ep.143) to Ep #244 (Happy Sunday Ep.375)

For readers who asked about links to videos of all English subbed 1N2D Season 1 Episodes, here they are:



Question #6: What physical feature does Seung Gi consider his best? (Be specific) his eyelashes

Question #7: What can Seung Gi absolutely not stand having done to him physically? (His weakness~ it was on 1N2D) He is ticklish

Question #8: What event was this and when? Give the exact date.


Answer: KBS Gayo Daejun. December 30, 2011. He sang Passion and Na Na Na

Question #9: What CF was this for? Be specific as possible.


Answer: Samsung Zipel Grande Style 8600 (refrigerator)

Question #10: What MV is this from? What album? The year?


Answer: Let’s Break Up, Shadow (4th Album) 2009


Question #11: What event is this? When? (Name the specific date) Which number runner was he? What was the color of his sneakers?


Answer: 2012 London Summer Olympics Torch Relay, June 23, 2012. He was runner #103 and his sneakers were yellow.

Question #12: What magazine is this from? What month, edition, and volume?


Answer: Air Star Magazine, March-April 2013. Vol. 22

Question #13: What drama is this screencap from? Which episode? What song did he sing? Which album and what is its release date?


Answer:  Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy, Episode 7. ‘I’ll Cry Out’ from his 2nd album, Crazy For You released on January 24, 2006.

Question #14: What show is this from? Which episode? What was his name here?


Answer: 1N2D Season 1, Ep. 226 (10/23/2011) ~ His name is SeungMi. I also accepted Ep. 214 (Remember the 12 episode difference)

Question #15: What show is this from? Which episode? What was his mission?\


Answer: 1N2D Season 1. Episode 171. Mission was to become a flower and an angel in Ihwa Village.


Thanks to everyone who participated! It was quite an overwhelming response so it took me longer than expected to sift through all the entries. Congratulations again to Kaka Seunggi Airen, the winner of this quiz and Omuraisu Sunshine, the runner up. Kaka will receive Lee Seung Gi’s “The Best” album, a box each of Market O brownies (both blondie and chocolate), cheese chips, and the AIREN 6 FM golden crown badge.  Omuraisu will receive the golden crown Lee Seung Gi AIREN 6 FM badge for submitting such detailed answers. Thank you all! 🙂




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Today’s Love Filming Fanpic with Information About Shooting Location

Around 1amKST, this photo of a replica of the Eiffel Tower appeared on SNS. They were shooting in Bucheon city, which is about 45 minutes from Seoul. The theme park is called AIINSWORLD and it has been designated by UNESCO as a cultural treasure. The theme park represents 68 architectural sites from 25 countries all over the world, reduced to a 1/25 scale. I’ve personally been there and it is simply breathtaking. The buildings are so detailed, it really feels as if you are traveling to many foreign countries. It opened on November 13, 2003.

kim_haneoulCredit: kim_haneoul

“#Bucheon#AIINSWORLD#Night Filming#StarStagram#Winter#Cold#Today’s Love’s late night snack is a snack truck LOL It’s now winter…it’s very cold ㅠ”






Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Link to photos of the theme park on their facebook page: AIINSWORLD FB

Link to photos of their light festival: AIINSWORLD FB LIGHT FESTIVAL