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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] Translation of 5.5 Forest Photoessay Mini Album~ pages 80-93

미니앨범 숲 69 미니앨범 숲 70Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul below the polaroid photo:

Epitone Project

English translation:

I really agonized a great deal to get this person sitting at this angle. (both in the photo and metaphorically speaking)  What should I do if he refuses? Contrary to expectations, I’m a cautious (blood) type B man. [For a description of personalities and blood types, click here: Blood types] At a certain recording studio in Chungdamdong which had a recording of stringed instruments, I gathered up my courage and asked him to work together with me. Compared to when I asked him about collaborating on a project, there was definitely an even more agonizing few minutes before he accepted.

This person was precisely Epitone Project.

Credit for blood type link: Seoulistic.com

미니앨범 숲 71Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul at the top:

Requiring several times more work than singing, my first producing project.

In handwritten Hangul at the bottom:

The satisfaction/pride of somehow having something perfect that belongs to me. ^^


미니앨범 숲 72Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul at the bottom:

 Although it is a collaboration project of course.

미니앨범 숲 73 미니앨범 숲 74 미니앨범 숲 75 미니앨범 숲 76 미니앨범 숲 77Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul at the bottom:

With a worn-out piano and Yoo Jung who smiles so innocently.

It was an extremely cold day.

Those who resembled warmth stayed by me at that location.

미니앨범 숲 78미니앨범 숲 79Credit: jejuslov

“Thanks. Worn-out piano and Yoo Jung.”

미니앨범 숲 80Credit: jejuslov

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


Seung Gi’s Japan Debut Single~ Time for Love~ Renai Jidai (恋愛時代)~ Scans of Photo Booklet

An oldie but goodie for slow days like today.  This is the Japanese edition of Seung Gi’s Japan Debut single, Time for Love. Thanks again to Bisso for the HQ scans of the mini booklet that came with the CD.  His album was released on March 6, 2012 and is one of his classics. Seung Gi is trilingual. He speaks Korean, Japanese, and English.  This album is available in Japanese as well as in Korean. A Japanese Airen friend of mine was kind to send me one direct from Japan.  🙂

swl1swl2 swl3 swl4 swl5 swl6 swl7 swl8 swl9 swl10 swl11 swl12 swl13 swl14Credit: jejuslov