Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

[English] Translation of 5.5 Forest Photoessay Mini Album~ pages 80-93

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미니앨범 숲 69 미니앨범 숲 70Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul below the polaroid photo:

Epitone Project

English translation:

I really agonized a great deal to get this person sitting at this angle. (both in the photo and metaphorically speaking)  What should I do if he refuses? Contrary to expectations, I’m a cautious (blood) type B man. [For a description of personalities and blood types, click here: Blood types] At a certain recording studio in Chungdamdong which had a recording of stringed instruments, I gathered up my courage and asked him to work together with me. Compared to when I asked him about collaborating on a project, there was definitely an even more agonizing few minutes before he accepted.

This person was precisely Epitone Project.

Credit for blood type link: Seoulistic.com

미니앨범 숲 71Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul at the top:

Requiring several times more work than singing, my first producing project.

In handwritten Hangul at the bottom:

The satisfaction/pride of somehow having something perfect that belongs to me. ^^


미니앨범 숲 72Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul at the bottom:

 Although it is a collaboration project of course.

미니앨범 숲 73 미니앨범 숲 74 미니앨범 숲 75 미니앨범 숲 76 미니앨범 숲 77Credit: jejuslov

In handwritten Hangul at the bottom:

With a worn-out piano and Yoo Jung who smiles so innocently.

It was an extremely cold day.

Those who resembled warmth stayed by me at that location.

미니앨범 숲 78미니앨범 숲 79Credit: jejuslov

“Thanks. Worn-out piano and Yoo Jung.”

미니앨범 숲 80Credit: jejuslov

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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