Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Today’s Love Fan Art ~ Poster by Airen Reader

I’m very proud to share this poster by the runner up of my blog’s First Anniversary Quiz, Omuraiisu Sunshine. It’s beautifully made and I happened to see it on twitter tonight. Wanted to share it with more Airens all over the world. Thank you Omuraiisu! 🙂


Credit: Omuraiisu


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[English] Lee Seung Gi Calls Lee Seo Jin on His New Variety Show, ‘Three Meals A Day’

Lee Seo Jin’s new variety show with Na Young Seok PD  called ‘Three Meals A Day’ premiered on tvN tonight. The clip below is of Lee Seung Gi prank calling him and asking him how he’s doing so far. To read more about this variety show, click here: Three Meals A Day.


Credit: seunggiairen

English translation:

Opening caption: A few moments later, Seo Jin is reading a book…

Next caption in salmon: At that moment, the phone rings again

White caption: Now what kind of phone call could this be?

As Seo Jin rolls over , the captions represent a rolling sound: (baeng-geu-reu-reu-reu-reu)

Red and white captions up top: The phone that hadn’t worked well earlier is ringing all of a sudden

LSJ: Hello?

Caption by black silhouette: This time a young man?!

LSG: Ah, yes hello? Who is this?

Caption in white and dark green: The man who made the call and asks who he’s speaking to

LSJ: Who are you?

Caption in maroon and white at the bottom: Could it be another phone call looking for Min Kyung?

LSG: Isn’t this Mr. Lee Seo Jin’s cell phone?

White and maroon captions: How does this young man know my name?

LSJ (keen by his name): You called a landline so why are you asking about a cell phone?

White caption: Who are you..

In green and white captions: Due to Seo Jin’s keen sense, the other person is rather flustered.

LSG: Hyung, it’s me

LSJ: Who is this?

LSG: (heodang by his name): Seung Gi

LSJ: Is it you, Seung Gi?

LSG: Why does your voice sound like you’re just about to pass away? Out of your voices that I’ve heard over the phone in the 5 years I’ve known you, this one sounds the most depressed.

LSJ: Well, there’s nothing to do and the program is just ruined!!!!!

Caption in teal green: Seo Jin who advertises to the entire neighborhood that the program has flopped.

Caption in teal green, maroon, and white: Seung Gi who is curious about Seo Jin’s house where he carries out his daily life

LSJ to LSG: In my view, I think this phone is also tapped.

White caption: Also….tapped?

Bottom left hand corner of the screen: Mystery 3: It is being tapped!

LSJ to LSG: No, it’s tapped, the sound is…someone is holding the receiver right now.

Caption in white and yellow: He is no longer able to trust anyone now!

LSJ: Seung Gi-ya, be careful. You’re being eavesdropped on right now!

LSG: Where are you, isn’t it in the mountains?

Caption: Seung Gi just brushes it off and laughs

LSJ: Yeah

Caption: However, as expected, Seo Jin doesn’t drop his guard

LSG: Why would there be eavesdropping going on inside the mountains?

LSJ: Hey, we’re being eavesdropped on..the sound is that of eavesdropping.

Caption in green by his shoulder and on the other side of the screen: He looks around

LSG: Hyung, aren’t you happy I called?

LSJ: I’m saying we’re being eavesdropped on right now.

Captions as he speaks: Seung Gi-ya, come to your senses, we’re being eavesdropped on!!!

LSJ: Hey, who is it? (Captions in teal green say the same thing)

Who is listening in?

LSJ to LSG: Fine, since we’re being eavesdropped on, this won’t do.

Caption: Seung Gi-ya, trust me since we’re being eavesdropped on

LSG: Okay. If you find the phone, please contact me.

LSJ: I got it.

Caption: Seung Gi-ya, trust me since we’re being eavesdropped on, don’t talk about other things (?)!

Caption #2 in maroon and white: Seo Jin who urgently wants to hang up the phone.

Final caption as Lee Seo Jin looks out the window: He’s certain that he’s being eavesdropped on…

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever