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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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[English] Firstlook Winter CF Clip #5 ~ Abnormal Summit Parody

Credit: CJ O Shopping

Opening Caption: Having 18 functions in a 300,000 Man Won (~$300) Goose Down is nonsense

Common sense vs. Nonsense


Tyler from the USA: I’m trying to find a good goose down jacket but…

Alberto from Italy: The first thing that you have to confirm is the goose down’s grade

Everyone: Grade?!!

Caption: Goose (down) also has grades?

Alberto: Compare a goose who has been able to withstand -1 degrees Celsius vs. a goose who withstood a Siberian winter at -40 degrees Celsius.  Which goose’s feathers would be better?

Everyone: The Siberian one

Caption: Isn’t it obvious? -40 degrees Celsius.

Sam from Ghana: You must also consider your health when buying goose down.

Caption with the thumbs up on both sides of him: Health comes first

White caption in front of Tyler and Albert: Listening mode

Caption by Tyler’s head: Student #1, Tyler

Caption by Alberto’s head: Student #2, Alberto

Sam: It should have antistatic and antibacterial properties.

Tyler: Personally, I’m looking for a goose down that is affordable and stylish.

Caption: Indeed, will greedy Tyler be able to purchase such a goose down?

Alberto:  But, there is such a thing.

Caption: Really?

Caption in yellow against black background: Oh, God!

Alberto: The price is 30 Man Won (~$300 US dollars). Plus there’s 18 different functions.

Sam: No way!

Followed by a long Star Wars-like list of 18 different functions provided by Firstlook

Alberto: It’s the Firstlook Goose Down that Lee Seung Gi wears

All 3 men: Lee Seung Gi!

Yellow and white caption after Seung Gi in blue jacket: Again, Lee Seung Gi’s Firstlook

Sam: Lee Seung Gi, 30 Man Won? Awesome!

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Firstlook Winter CF #4 ~ Abnormal Summit Parody Clip

This one is identical to the one that came out for the fall wear, except towards the end…Seung Gi is wearing winter jackets on the smartphone.

Credit: CJ O Shopping

English translation:

Opening caption: A stylish goose down is expensive. Is it common sense vs. Is it nonsense

Sam from Ghana: When I first arrived in Korea from Ghana, it was winter and I almost froze to death.  I was standing in the airport and suddenly…(caption as he makes robotic frozen movements is similar to “Brrr” in English)

Everyone laughs as the caption says “It’s funny”

Sam: Hello…(Caption says: It was too cold)

Julian from Belgium: Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, but you earned a lot of money~

Julian: This winter, you can treat yourself to a goose down~

Sam: In Korea, fashionable outdoor wear is so expensive that I can’t afford it

Alberto from Italy: If you want to buy a decent one, it costs over $1,000 (US dollars).

Sam freaks out: $1,000?!! (Caption says: No way…)

Tyler from the USA:  Couldn’t we find a reasonably priced goose down for Sam?

Julian: Nah~ There’s nothing like that…

Sam: Such an item doesn’t exist…There isn’t.

Alberto: Now that I think about it, there is one.

Julian: Almost dies of laughter.

Sam: Where is such a thing? Alberto, talk so you make sense.

Alberto: Search the Internet. If you search for “Lee Seung Gi Padding (Jacket), it’ll pop up.

Everyone: Lee Seung Gi Padding

Sam: Who is Lee Seung Gi? (Caption in huge letters says: He is too confident!)

Alberto: He’s very stylish/cool

Sam: You said he’s very stylish/cool? Who is Lee Seung Gi? (Caption beneath him says “Sam, why are you being like this?”)

Alberto: How can you not know..Lee Seung Gi? (Caption says “speechless”) Are you really living in Korea?

Caption in bold as the reactions of the other 3 members are shown: “Sam, what are we going to do about you?”

Julian: Lee Seung Gi Padding..Oh! It’s here!!

Alberto: I’m not lying

Julian: Sam, Sam, Sam, look at this!

Tyler: So it is. (You’re right)

Sam: Oh! It’s cool! (Caption says “This is very beautiful”) This is really beautiful!

Julian: It’s really cool/stylish.

Alberto: Firstlook. It’s Firstlook Goose Down.

Sam: Hey! This is pretty decent! I’m going immediately!

Julian: Let’s go together, Sam! (Caption says “Why are you going alone? Let’s go together!”)

Tyler: I’ll go too~

Caption in yellow on black background: Expensive outdoor wear is senseless

In unison: Fi-rs-t-lo-ok

Male voice and Ending caption: The first in sensible outdoor wear

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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New Firstlook Outdoor Winter CF~ Photos & Link

fl1 “Retro Outdoor

Firstlook Outdoor British Goose Down”

fl2“2014 Winter, the newest trend! Retro Outdoor

Women’s British Goose Down”

fl5 fl7 fl6 fl4 fl3fl8Choices include Black, Navy, and Khaki.

flblackChoice 1: Black

flnavyChoice 2: Navy

flkhakiChoice 3: Khaki

As of today, this jacket retails for 329,000 South Korean Won (approx $313 US dollars) but is available through CJ Mall’s shopping online shopping site for 296,100 South Korean Won. ($282 US Dollars) This includes free shipping and returns. Click here for the link to the site and product: Firstlook

Photo credit: CJ mall

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever