Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

Firstlook Winter CF #4 ~ Abnormal Summit Parody Clip

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This one is identical to the one that came out for the fall wear, except towards the end…Seung Gi is wearing winter jackets on the smartphone.

Credit: CJ O Shopping

English translation:

Opening caption: A stylish goose down is expensive. Is it common sense vs. Is it nonsense

Sam from Ghana: When I first arrived in Korea from Ghana, it was winter and I almost froze to death.  I was standing in the airport and suddenly…(caption as he makes robotic frozen movements is similar to “Brrr” in English)

Everyone laughs as the caption says “It’s funny”

Sam: Hello…(Caption says: It was too cold)

Julian from Belgium: Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, but you earned a lot of money~

Julian: This winter, you can treat yourself to a goose down~

Sam: In Korea, fashionable outdoor wear is so expensive that I can’t afford it

Alberto from Italy: If you want to buy a decent one, it costs over $1,000 (US dollars).

Sam freaks out: $1,000?!! (Caption says: No way…)

Tyler from the USA:  Couldn’t we find a reasonably priced goose down for Sam?

Julian: Nah~ There’s nothing like that…

Sam: Such an item doesn’t exist…There isn’t.

Alberto: Now that I think about it, there is one.

Julian: Almost dies of laughter.

Sam: Where is such a thing? Alberto, talk so you make sense.

Alberto: Search the Internet. If you search for “Lee Seung Gi Padding (Jacket), it’ll pop up.

Everyone: Lee Seung Gi Padding

Sam: Who is Lee Seung Gi? (Caption in huge letters says: He is too confident!)

Alberto: He’s very stylish/cool

Sam: You said he’s very stylish/cool? Who is Lee Seung Gi? (Caption beneath him says “Sam, why are you being like this?”)

Alberto: How can you not know..Lee Seung Gi? (Caption says “speechless”) Are you really living in Korea?

Caption in bold as the reactions of the other 3 members are shown: “Sam, what are we going to do about you?”

Julian: Lee Seung Gi Padding..Oh! It’s here!!

Alberto: I’m not lying

Julian: Sam, Sam, Sam, look at this!

Tyler: So it is. (You’re right)

Sam: Oh! It’s cool! (Caption says “This is very beautiful”) This is really beautiful!

Julian: It’s really cool/stylish.

Alberto: Firstlook. It’s Firstlook Goose Down.

Sam: Hey! This is pretty decent! I’m going immediately!

Julian: Let’s go together, Sam! (Caption says “Why are you going alone? Let’s go together!”)

Tyler: I’ll go too~

Caption in yellow on black background: Expensive outdoor wear is senseless

In unison: Fi-rs-t-lo-ok

Male voice and Ending caption: The first in sensible outdoor wear

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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