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[English] Lee Seung Gi Introduces Kim Hee Ae at SIA

I’ve provided a translation of what Seung Gi says and the majority of captions in the introductory video. Seung Gi always looks so stylish and handsome

Credit: LSG TH

English translation:

Seung Gi: Hello, I’m Lee Seung Gi.  The Star Icon that I introduced to you this time….(crowd cheers)…

Opening caption: Korea’s representative Timeless Icon, synonymous with the word Classic, Kim Hee Ae

Seung Gi: I think she is an actress where the word ‘classic’ suits her best.

Caption by the window: Dignified yet sophisticated

Next caption: An actress who has classic charm

Quote by photo of Kim Hee Ae: I like the most classic, capricious and something that compliments anything. What is meticulously refined is dignified style. –Kim Hee Ae–

Seung Gi: Even though time passes, possessing beauty and elegance is something that is very amazing.

Caption: Natural beauty adds greater depth to her allure

Seung Gi: A different level of elegance.

Caption: Elegance that transcends time

Next caption: Beauty that breaks free from the norm

Seung Gi: The frail yet elegant charm that Kim Hee Ae Sunbaenim gives off is her strength because it makes her comfortably approachable.

Caption by Kim Hee Ae: “I’m ordinary. If you look at me with mystique, you will be disappointed. Still, I like living as myself.”–Kim Hee Ae—

Seung Gi: She has an unexpected and bewitching sexiness. (chuckles)

Caption: A broad spectrum of colors and an actress with a passion of her own

Seung Gi: These days, many seem to yearn for the way Kim Hee Ae Sunbaenim ages and think it’s chic. She’s also fashionable and because she has elegance, she has become the wannabe for other women.

Caption: Going against time and forever undiminished

Final Caption: The unforgettable and timeless actress Kim Hee Ae

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever