Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

Perfect for Fall~ 2012.08.16~ In Style Magazine~ Lee Seung Gi


is1 “The first time we met, he was smiling broadly. Also the next day. And the next day….

No matter what the situation, his undaunted behavior appeared extremely chic.

Lee Seung Gi is that kind of man. The kind of person whom everyone can’t help but like.”

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“Work and love may be important; more than anything, family is the most precious to me. Although I’m especially strict with my younger sister, I try to be a tender older brother. This year, I was really proud and happy at the news that she entered college. A father’s heart is probably like this. (laughter)”

is11 is12Credit: jejuslov

“The happiness I feel when I act, sing, and do (variety) programs becomes the source of my energy. That’s why I think I don’t realize that it’s difficult to work without resting. (laughter)”

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

3 thoughts on “Perfect for Fall~ 2012.08.16~ In Style Magazine~ Lee Seung Gi

  1. Thank you for translation and sharing the photo to Elise and jejuslov. he is such a nice person. like him more and more 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the translations and sharing the beautiful pictures!!
    Seung Gi is a very beautiful person. He is so sweet, loving, caring person to all the people around him! Yes, family is important and health too, Seung Gi! Fighting!! =)

  3. Ui, read letter which Lee Seung Gy write, I see He is very Lovely.Cute. His face looks very Lovely. He is a famous man, but he strict with his younger sister, lee seung gy is really Cute. His younger sister is really lucky, when she had a talent & lovely old brother

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