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Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Korea Mundipharma~ Medifoam Fan Signing

Seung Gi took part in a brief fan signing event at a healing picnic sponsored by Medifoam’s Korea Mundipharma and the Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation in Gapyeong yesterday afternoon around 3pm KST. He signed for 25 minutes from 3:05pm to 3:30pm KST.

chcancer2 chcancer1 chcancer3Credit: efbkl naver blog

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[English] KBS Entertainment Relay~ Today’s Love Interview Clip w/Lee Seung Gi & Moon Chae Won

Credit: official fan cafe uploaded by Elise Min

This is a few seconds shorter at the beginning, from dclsg:

Credit: mangosteen via dclsg

This video clip is too long to give a line by line English translation. I don’t upload video clips without some kind of explanation as to what’s going on.  Since I was busy yesterday, I’m doing some catching up since today is Seung Gi’s last day of filming. Today’s Love is set to premiere around the Lunar New Year Holiday season next January.  There was a long article about it in Korean yesterday, but that’s the most important piece of news you need to know. Here is a link to a Soompi article that came out this morning on SNS translating the main points: Today’s Love. I really like Seung Gi and Chae Won’s chemistry during this interview. It’ll give you a good idea of what the couple will be like in the movie. All the best to Seung Gi and his debut on the big screen!  Here’s a summary of what is going on in the clip:

Opening Caption: Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won’s Sweet Romance

The interviewer is all excited as he tells the camera that he heard Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won are having a secret date inside and brings the camera in for the interview.” Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won are having a piggyback date on the street, what could be happening?” says the interviewer.  The first question asks about their characters’ relationship in the movie with the interviewer asking if the two are just casually interested in each other. Seung Gi answers by saying the relationship has passed that mark and the movie is about a serious relationship. The interviewer describes Today’s Love as a romantic comedy about a young couple whose relationship is as complicated and unpredictable as the weather.

The interviewer then asks Seung Gi about his feelings regarding his first movie by saying he must’ve felt very cautious/serious about it. Seung Gi said “After filming only dramas and as time went by, I became cautious/serious. Yet, I didn’t have the courage to make a cinematic masterpiece…” Moon Chae Won then jokingly asks Seung Gi if their movie is then the opposite. Seung Gi was a bit flustered and they cut to another question about the lead roles feeling burdened about the movie doing well. Seung Gi casually says that it’s shared by everybody and whether it does well or poorly, it’s due to everyone.

The next question is about Seung Gi’s most memorable weather forecaster outfit.  Seung Gi says,”For starters, weather forecaster outfits are nice.” The interviewer jokes that his tone of voice is leery.  Poor Seung Gi then turns red and then the interviewer asks if he likes form fitting or loose styles? He says if it’s loose, it’s a pajama. Everyone cracks up and Seung Gi says “it’s not worn to exercise in”. Moon Chae Won is asked about the first thing she notices in a man and she says it’s the way he smiles. Seung Gi says he can’t smile with his mouth closed. Chae Won asks him to try and when he does, the Korean word for AWKWARD in bold red show up on the left of the screen.

Next, the two take a psychological test and play rock, paper, scissors to see what kind of personality they have. Chae Won asks him why he’s so slow and Seung Gi tells her that she didn’t even start the game properly by giving a signal. Seung Gi is told since he is scissors, he is the type to be fixated on one person if he likes her. Chae Won was paper and is told she is the type who isn’t picky about relationships. She doesn’t block anyone who comes her way nor does she hold onto someone who leaves.

The next questions are about a “beer test”. They are told that they have finished filming and  drink a glass of beer. They are given 3 options of pouring beer into the glass as seen in the video clip. The first is to fill it halfway so that it doesn’t foam. Choice #2 is filling the cup to the point where the foam is about to overflow. Choice #3 is filling the cup to the point that the foam overflows from the cup. Chae Won chooses choice #1. Seung Gi says “I drink beer out of a can….” Caption right afterward says “Quietly, he tries to avoid the question….” The interviewer tells him to choose anyway and Seung Gi replies “Out of force?” and he ends up with choice #2 where the foam doesn’t overflow. The interviewer then reveals the personality traits behind each choice. For Chae Won, who chose #1, she has an abundant sense of humor, is flirtatious, and very popular. In addition, all of her physical gestures and way of speaking “overflow with charm” says the interviewer.  For Seung Gi who chose #2, he is an upright and sincere person. Chae Won suddenly chimes in saying, “No, we have to switch”.  Seung Gi laughs and says,”Hey, then what does that make me?”

Then the interviewer asks Chae Won if she usually likes psychological tests and she says yes. Then she’s asked if she likes getting her fortune told, tarot cards, and horoscope read. She answers yes. Seung Gi chimes in by saying she also has a talent for reading palms. The interviewer asks Chae Won what Seung Gi’s palm says about him. She answers,”He has a lot of luck with his wife (he will have a good wife), money…there weren’t any bad things about him. However, he isn’t the type who is popular wherever he goes.” Seung Gi laughs and says this is the first time hearing this last part and jokes about it. The interviewer then remarks “Seung Gi, you have luck in money.” Moon Chae Won says he will amass a great fortune as he grows older. Seung Gi jokingly tells her that he will give her a call if he runs out of money.

Ending: Seung Gi and Chae Won say,” Please have high expectations for the first romance movie of 2015, Today’s Love” as they wave goodbye.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever