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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Itaewon Restaurant Gets Seung Gi’s Autograph~ Photo with Comments

There was news in dclsg today that Seung Gi was filming a CF for Marley Coffee in Itaewon this afternoon. I’m not sure if Lee Sun Hee was with Seung Gi or not, but her name is mentioned in the comments.

hyunjinhouseCredit: hyunjin_house

Oh~ It’s been a long time since you stopped by~~Squid with Marinated Pork Belly Fan..ㅎㅎI’m always grateful that you haven’t forgotten and stop by whenever you have a scheduled event in the vicinity~~ #이승기#leeseunggi#koreasinger#koreaidol#Hannam-dong#Itaewon#Hannam-dong Korean food #Good restaurant in Hannam-dong #Soonchunhyang University Hospital #Hyunjin’s place#Hyunjin’s restaurant#Hangangjin Station#Hannam station#koreafood#hanamdong#Korean ingredients #Homemade food and side dishes #Pork belly #Squid with Marinated Pork Belly#Korean food#이선희#leesunhee

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Today’s Love~ Lee Seung Gi & Moon Chae Won’s Good Luck Message to Korean Examinees

Tomorrow, November 13, 2014, is a big day for Korean high school students in their third year. It is equivalent to the senior year in American high schools. The exam is similar to the SAT and is called “Soo Neung”.  It is a “make it or break it” exam for students who wish to enter elite universities. Competition is fierce and it is a stressful day for both students and their relatives.  It occurs every year at the beginning of November and it is an important exam that will determine a young Korean’s future.  Results take about 1 month to process.  The examinees need to report to their designated testing locations by 8am KST and the exam usually finishes around 3pm KST. For more on Soo Neung, please visit my post from last year, when Seung Gi was cheering students on from Croatia: http://wp.me/p3JNUN-jQ

Credit: ‘Today’s Love’ Facebook Page

Seung Gi: Hello, I’m Lee Seung Gi from’ Today’s Love’

Moon Chae Won: I’m Moon Chae Won

SG: To high school senior examinees who have worked hard studying for the past 18 years! There aren’t that many days left now until the potential for dating that you’ve kept hidden and saved explodes.

MCW: Hey~these days, students manage to study and do everything else too~

SG: Oh, is that right? How do you know that so well? (chuckles)

SG: To all examinees who are watching this video! I really wish for you to complete your Soo Neung well and for it to be a huge success!

MCW: This winter, please do well on the Soo Neung and it would be nice if you could start dating happily.  ‘Today’s Love’ is cheering you on!

SG: ‘Today’s Love’ and all examinees as well, fighting!

Closing Caption on white background: ‘Today’s Love’ is cheering on all examinees.

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever


[English] Lee Seung Gi Dispatch Clip~ “Not a Heodang, Discovery of Unpolished Beauty”

Credit: dispatchsns

Caption translations:

#1: In depth coverage of Lee Seung Gi! To the set~

#2: Lee Seung Gi’s charismatic glance

#3: The return of Heodang Lee Seung Gi!

#4: Once again?

#5: A surprised Seung Gi~

Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever