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[English] Love Forecast BTS Story


01 A genre that I like, with Director Park Jin Pyo whom I always wanted to work with including my good friend, Chae Won. To anyone, the first time is the most important. This is a work that is a culmination of every good aspect.

02‘Jun Su’ may have liked Hyun Woo for 18 years but he also dated another woman and had “some” relationships. Because that was more realistic, I really liked the character ‘Jun Su’.

03I was able to act as the bright character who lives in the moment, Hyun Woo, which I always wanted to do. After ‘My Sassy Girl’, because it was the most unrivaled female character, I snapped it up!

04I found a work that honestly could show my 20’s. An image where there’s pretending while being honest and easy going. Because ‘Hyun Woo’  has that image, I really had fun acting.

05Usually while acting, several versions are prepared. However, on the set, scenes that were made through discussion with the director were more fun. At that moment, I thought,”this is the charm of the movies”.

06Director Park Jin Pyo is unexpectedly charming and has many ideas. He shared many points in common with me such as a similar viewpoint on acting and personal preferences. Due to these aspects, we were able to communicate smoothly while shooting.

07This is one of my most memorable scenes. Because I really can’t dance very well, I worried a lot. But as soon as I started shooting, I got the feel of things.

08In reality, because I have a fear of heights, going up 50 meters was really scary. Later on, there was much talk about the number of times I rode the Gyro Drop. To me, the moment it surpasses 30 times, it doesn’t hold any meaning for me.

09I went bungee jumping relying on just a rope. I also thought about having a stand-in, but I refused to give in. So I shut my eyes and jumped!

10The first scene of our first filming was the bar scene.  The side dish was pig feet. They said it was definitely a famous place for pig feet so I didn’t eat dinner and filmed but…I can’t forget the pig feet which were hard and difficult to chew.

11Because Chae Won has a good feel for melo, I wanted to do a romance with her. Because teamwork with one’s partner is important. That’s why the chemistry between me and Chae Won is very good ^^

12Since Seung Gi has a humorous and comfortable personality, filming was fun and enjoyable. Seung Gi was going to film a movie like the Korean version of ‘Gone Girl’. I recommend him for playing the opposite to partner roles.

13I really had fun when I received the first scenario. I thought that it would be a role that would show a different image of me that I could play well.

14Among Director Park Jin Pyo’s works, I like ‘You Are My Sunshine’ the most. The director never takes love lightly. Even in this movie, because I liked this aspect about him, I ended up choosing it.

15When the director wants to increase the feeling, he expresses it by saying,”Just 10 won worth”, “Just 20 won worth”. In the beginning, it was awkward but later, it became much easier while acting.

16During filming, we had a really enjoyable time doing <Love Forecast>! We were portraying a male and a female whose “something” became love in a delightful and realistic way.

17It is also a movie that makes one seriously think about what love is. Please look forward to <Love Forecast>!


23to. Naver members ♡

“Please give lots love to “Love Forecast”!

Lee Seung Gi


22Moon Chae Won ♥

” Please give lots of love for Love Forecast!!”

Thank you!! 2014.12


Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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  1. thnaks for update Lee seung Gi forever


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