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[English] Lee Seung Gi vs. Lee Min Ho Screen Face-Off

Credit: seunggiairen

English translation:

They’re representative stars, aren’t they? Of the same age, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Ho are going through a screen hazing ritual. While Lee Seung Gi plays a role that isn’t too different from his image, Lee Min Ho is showing a 180 degree change from the images he has portrayed up until now. What will the results be like? Stars of the same age born in the 1980’s, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Ho. Coincidentally, the two who debuted as actors around the same time also took their first step onto the screen. (Note: Lee Min Ho already debuted onscreen in 2008 with two movies)  The one who first challenged the screen was Lee Seung Gi. In the romantic comedy, ‘Love Forecast’, he plays the role of a man who is frustrated with being in “some” relationships. The upright and youthful image he normally portrays is no different in the movie. Lee Seung Gi says,”I think I tried to remain faithful to the emotions. I would say the synchronization with me (my image) is around 80%.” ‘Love Forecast’ hit 1 million views within 6 days of its premiere. Among the romantic comedy genre, its popularity rate at the box office is the same as ‘200 Pound Beauty’, which had the largest audience views of all time. The two actors  have taken on a new challenge, although they have chosen entirely different characters and genres. Audiences have been paying affection to each in a different way, respectively.

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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[English] Love Forecast CGV Yongsan Smile Event~ 3 Fancams

Credit: LovelySgDimple

Summary translation:

Lee Seung Gi: “Glad to see you, I’m Lee Seung Gi. It’s now in the second week and I’m grateful for everyone’s love for the movie and that’s why I think it’s doing well. I’m thankful for everyone who have watched it multiple times, such as the person who has seen it for at least 20 times. I think all of you know my movie well enough (more than myself) that I don’t have to talk about it. Please give my movie lots of love so that it will do well till the end. I believe you have been my source of strength and let’s ride the Gyro Drop…if not I’m definitely not riding it. You’ve had a fun time watching it, right? Thank you and Happy New Year!”

A staff says it’s regrettable to end it already and asks Seung Gi to choose 3 audience members for gifts. He chooses A10 for starters. The video cuts out here.

Seung Gi jokes,”I really think I sold many tickets today. Thank you for making it successful at the box office. There are many people from overseas here including China, Thailand, and Japan. Thank you so much. I hope there will definitely come a day when it will be released with subtitles. Thank you!”

Credit: LovelySgDimple

Summary translation:

Lee Seung Gi: Thank you. “Is there anyone who has seen it for the first time? (A fan says yes) Oh! There is someone who has seen it for the first time? It’s nice to meet you. My movie is really fun and delightful. There’s really no need to think deeply, please have fun watching it. Thanks to your interest, the ratings have been good. I think it will stay in theaters for a long time. (Fans shout ‘Let’s ride the Gyro Drop!’) We’ll ride it together happily when it hits 5 million and I’m really happy that so many people have helped support the movie. Always be happy and you can always watch it again. Thank you! Who was the person who saw it for the first time earlier? Please give it a good rating. Thank you. Happy New Year!

Credit: lsg 빛나다

The above fancam is similar to the previously translated one. This time, fans are shouting for a chance at row B but Seung Gi chooses someone in Row C20. When the third female goes crazy while hugging Seung Gi, he jokes,”You shouldn’t do that.” Fans plead with him to watch the movie with them. He expresses his thanks especially to those fans who have watched it ten times and more. He ends by saying “Thank you. Happy New Year.”

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Love Forecast Box Office Update for 1/22/15 KST

122box officeCredit: dclsg (posted on 1/23/15 at 24:09 KST)

As you can see, Love Forecast is in fourth place grossing 423,643,200 Won (approx $391,299.27 US dollars) today with 55,554 views. Since its premiere, it has grossed 10,065,241,231 Won ( approx. $9,300,472.13 US dollars according to xe.com on 1/23 KST)

Ode to My Father has always been a difficult movie to beat. With the recent premiere of Gangnam Blues, it has shaken up the box office a bit. Keep fighting Love Forecast!