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Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

Marley Coffee Asia’s Update

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Last week, I posted my experiences at both branches of Marley Coffee at Itaewon and the grand opening in Gangnam. Marley Coffee Asia just updated their site with a mini photo journal of Rohan Marley’s four day stay in Korea.  The photo I took of his message at the Itaewon branch was written on Monday, January 26th, according to a Marley Coffee employee. Here are photos of his visit along with a group photo with Seung Gi taken during Marley Coffee Gangnam’s VIP launching party on the 27th.

1978719_1124071594285761_8322921910036094933_nMarley Coffee Itaewon Branch

B8bmLHpCQAAPZDAHere’s a close up that I took when I visited on the 28th. His message says,”One Love Unity + Strength Rastafari Love” – Rohan Marley

10247364_1124071590952428_1698880356317377328_nChecking out ready to drink products for sale

10404878_1124071604285760_8017244098995911139_nAt the VIP launching party for Marley Coffee Gangnam on the 27th

10968580_1124071600952427_8621667795376708900_nAt Everland Amusement Park with a lion cub. The lion is the symbol of Marley Coffee.

Credit: MarleyCoffeeAsia

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