Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Belport Concert Fancams

According to a dclsg member who went to the concert, Seung Gi came onto the stage singing ‘Because You’re My Woman’ followed by Smile Boy, Let’s Go on Vacation, and Return.  The “Making of” Omorovicza CF was played before Seung Gi’s entrance as he sang ‘Because You’re My Woman’.

“Making of” Omorovicza CF

Greeting~ Seung Gi is told that there are fans from China and Japan and is asked to make a short greeting

Seung Gi Makes a Heart~ The MC reveals that Seung Gi donated 250 bars of Bottega Verde soap “that will make your skin as moist as Lee Seung Gi’s”

Because You’re My Woman

Ment~ about Omorovicza and how he heard it was really good from friends

The celebrity with the best skin

Let’s Go on Vacation


Credit: FIESTA


Because You’re My Woman

Smile Boy

Let’s Go on Vacation

Greeting and Ment

Credit: 자극적승기

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Belport Concert Venue Fanpics

The concert starts at 5pm KST today at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium.  Here are a compilation of some photos that have been shared on SNS so far:

B9MrK21CMAESBv7 B9MrMF2CIAAYq77Credit: MogiSeunggi

B9NUdu0CUAE_AQO heena_heena

B9NhmGcCQAA0d20 B9NhjoACMAA5Ric B9NhnsFCEAEnRJbCredit: seunggi87113

B9NfV4QCEAAnpmfCredit: je_Ha

10963724_1551615388436381_290441212_ncredit: ppickssary

seulki_1211Credit: seulki_1211

mangotangoSeating chart ~ Credit: dclsg

10950245_431482247005028_1259466076_nCredit: Peony

minmyletter minmyletter2Credit: minmyletter

It has started!


Credit: binnybannybo

shin_y_nCredit: shin_y_n

beauty7290Credit: beauty7290