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Love Forecast Group Viewing Round #2 for Airen 6

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The Official Fanclub put out a notice midnight KST on 2/10 for applications to watch Love Forecast with Lee Seung Gi this coming Friday, 2/13/15 at 7pm KST. The location will be the same as the first group viewing; CGV Wangsimni in the Gangnam area. Seats are randomly assigned.

Admission is 10,000 Won (Approx $10 US) which includes a souvenir photo ticket along with an autographed gift Seung Gi has specially prepared for each Airen.  The application period starts from 2/10 to 2/12 and 214 Airen 6 members will be able to participate first come, first served. Each Airen 6 member can apply with another member as long as they are also Airen 6. The total cost would then be 20,000 Won.  Tickets can be picked up at the theater lobby between 5:30 to 6:30pm KST on 2/13 at the Airen Ticket Booth.

Application forms are in the Airen zone as well as information for wire transfers to KB bank. Here’s the link for the application form in case you will be in the Seoul area: http://airen1004.cafe24.com/addform9/view_addform.php?fname=love2 

So glad there is another chance for more Airens to attend a group viewing.  🙂

posterCredit: todaylove2015

“It’s okay if it makes others squeamish, it has to be childish to be love.”

Now, when sincerity is needed

Love Forecast”

Source: leeseunggi.com

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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