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Airen 6 Group Viewing at CGV Wangsimni Round #2~ Gifts from Seung Gi

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I wasn’t able to post any photos about the second Airen group viewing or translate Seung Gi’s message that night since I had to commute over an hour each way to get to CGV Wangsimni. However, I didn’t want to pass up this post with all the goodies Seung Gi prepared for the Airens who did come to support him. I met up with many Korean Airens and for those who don’t have a Twitter account, I tweeted photos of my goodies that night.

Seung Gi wrote 220 messages by hand, most of them saying, “To Airens whom I love Happy Valentine’s from Seung Gi”. However, some of them were different ^^, even with hand signed autographs. Seung Gi specially ordered limited edition chocolates from Marley Coffee and bought them all out. He also took the time to hand tie pink ribbon around every single box of chocolates! There were many Airens who didn’t know about this fact and were upset after they had untied the ribbon. Afterwards, members in dclsg posted tips to opening the box of chocolates while keeping the ribbon intact. LOL.

Anyway, back to the story. As I went up to the Airen ticket booth, I was given a yellow Marley Coffee bag sealed with 2 clear Official Fanclub stickers. Inside was a mini Seung Gi cardboard cut out standee that said at the base, “I Airen. Thank you always. I love you! Lee Seung Gi”.  Next was a white envelope with a red Lee Seung Gi Official Fan Club Airen Sticker. Inside it was a photo ticket that had my seat number on the back and a “receipt” that was put inside a box for prize drawings. There was also a Love Forecast Sticker with several cute expressions of Seung Gi as seen in the first poster unveiled last year. Here are my photos followed by other photos uploaded on Twitter and dclsg. These are the Marley Coffee bags prepared behind the Airen Ticket Booth. By the time I arrived, around 5:45pm KST, most of the bags were piled up to my left on a table. Seating was assigned in the order of arrival.

B9tuzTECYAInl1nB9tuxCCCAAAcmCG B9tqxO3CUAEyVXi B9ts-WpCMAEPo9m B9tqvukCcAIPczzCredit: ladysukheekwon

“I love you Airen

From Valentine Seung Gi

The following are my photos: 🙂

B9tqTodCQAAvHYMB9t1vV-CYAAIPEH B9t1woGCUAAJ5Sz B9t1v9DCQAAwgmR“To Airens whom I love

Everyone, Happy Valentine’s

From Seung Gi”

B9tpe9ICcAABBth B9tpgtECEAAX_KY B9tph7lCMAAHNjOCredit: seunggi87113

“I love you Airen

Happy Valentine’s with Seung Gi

B9tpjTUCQAAbaJJCredit: seunggi87113

“I love you Airen

From Valentine Seung Gi

B9tpNpHCcAAu6IY B9tpNDqCAAAJfdQCredit: kalsrnk1

“I love you Airen

Happy Valentine’s

with Seung Gi

B9xLsNrCQAEN6tcCredit: weymiss

Same message as above

peonyCredit: Peony

B9tlfIJCIAEjsJeCredit: jejuslov

Both Peony and Jejuslov had the same message as I did.

B9vTSzuCMAAgESe B9vTQaoCcAAe20O B9vTOIwCQAIbhbi B9vTMeOCQAE8uQTCredit: Airenme1112

“I love you Airen

From Valentine Seung Gi

B9tsR2pCQAAmX0H Credit: aeram66

“To the Airen I love

From Valentine

Seung Gi

Seung Gi went above and beyond the call of duty to make his Airens feel special. But the fangirl in all of us couldn’t help comparing our messages with others and wondering why so and so got one heart and an autograph while another didn’t, etc. The fact that he took the time out of his busy schedule to sit down and handwrite each and every single one of these messages is special in itself. Not to mention the fact that he packaged and tied every single ribbon around 220 boxes of chocolates. They were a French brand and very delicious. ^^  I am very grateful to him and appreciate his effort.  As he said in his latest message, his arm hurt so much that he thought he was going to die. LOL.  🙂

Before the movie started, members of the official fan club came up to the front to draw our “receipts” that were in the sealed white envelope to draw prizes. First they gave away 2 Love Forecast blankets. Next, they gave away a calendar autographed by Seung Gi. The lady in the seat next to me won it.  Next, they gave out about 3 brand new copies of Big Issue magazine with Seung Gi on the cover. Finally, 2 people won a voucher for Marley wine and gift sets. Then the movie started. After the movie finished around 9:15pm KST, the staff came up to the front and thanked us for coming. I said goodbye to the Korean Airens I met including one I had met at last year’s Airen 6 fan meet. I had a great time and am glad I went. 🙂

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