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[English] Lee Seung Gi, ‘Donghaeng’ Lunar New Year Special Appearance…Consistent Affection ‘Heartwarming’

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Singer/Actor Lee Seung Gi had a warm meeting with those appearing on KBS 1TV’s ‘Donghaeng’ through the Lunar New Year Special.

Lee Seung Gi, who already has consistently sponsored ‘Donghaeng’ for the past 5 years, met with those appearing on the newly established ‘Donghaeng’ special in January.   He also personally volunteered and showed his consistent affection for ‘Donghaeng’.

On January 3rd, Lee Seung Gi encountered the family broadcasted on episode 1 of ‘Donghaeng’ titled ‘A Father and His Two Sons’ Hopeful Popped Grain’. This episode was a warm story about Mr. Hong Chul who is congenitally deaf. Although he can’t hear the sounds of the world,  more than anyone, he diligently sells popped grain at the market and raises 2 sons.

1424081128636Credit: OSEN

Firstly, Lee Seung Gi attended Mr. Hong Chul’s eldest son Sang Hoon’s graduation ceremony and held a surprise event for him and his friends to congratulate them.  In addition, Lee Seung Gi and members of his fan club volunteered together by going to the site of Mr. Hong Chul’s family’s worn down house and spending meaningful time supporting a new start for his family. 

‘Donghaeng’ is a program which tells the story of our neighbors who don’t lose hope despite living in difficult situations and helps them to become self reliant.  Lee Seung Gi and the warm story of a father and his 2 sons will be broadcast this coming 21st at 6pm. 

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

Original Korean article: OSEN

One thought on “[English] Lee Seung Gi, ‘Donghaeng’ Lunar New Year Special Appearance…Consistent Affection ‘Heartwarming’

  1. So proud of you seung gi oppa, your kindest just make me love you more and more and more ♥♥♥ ^^~

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