Lee Seung Gi Forever

Dedicated to my absolute favorite Korean singer/actor/MC Lee Seung Gi

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Official Photos of Lee Seung Gi Volunteering for The Big Issue Korea

The first one is by the Official Airen fanclub:

offphoto1Credit: AIREN_fanclub

The next 2 are from The Big Issue Korea’s official facebook page:

offphoto2 offphoto3Credit: TheBigIssueKorea

Seung Gi is holding a sign that is a play on words to his lyrics for ‘Will You Marry Me?’ It says,”Will you read Big Issue with me?”

Korean to English translation by Elise, Lee Seung Gi Forever

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Lee Seung Gi Volunteers as a One Day Salesman ~ Press Video

I just came back from Seung Gi’s Big Issue event at Sinsa station so my posts are late. The place was packed with people and it was very difficult to get a good photo of him. The event started at 4pm and he left a little past 5pmKST. Vendors also started packing up after he left.  I hope the magazines I bought will be able to help in some small way towards such a good cause. The ajusshis were truly kind and humble, as was our star, Lee Seung Gi.  🙂


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Big Issue Volunteer Event~ Lee Seung Gi Fanpics 1

10986371_1612791932286175_428701298_nCredit: lovely_oov

sukheeCredit: ladysukheekwon

B-gxjYeCYAAb7BaCredit: ladysukheekwon

18382_341155802748314_2821652536788241422_nCredit: orange_sally

10979622_405048169668107_2076278776_nCredit: j00he.e

10838336_1622155884681581_979823731_nCredit: yumidaily

selcajnhlsgCredit: JNHLSG

10249249_1052976938049234_91390650_nCredit: hyuntae1451

10990619_286373888153286_859330665_nCredit: rrong28

10995069_1603119346568984_299153381_nCredit: yuzziny1005

10919312_422048577958379_2080925256_nCredit: y_hs97

10475046_732608943525499_2081757682_nCredit: janeoh_needlove

10983684_951343694883524_1115216009_nCredit: sueyakim

11008371_635641093231207_322598125_nCredit: gimgamja

10963954_1610835182482251_1197385838_nCredit: yoooonstyle

11007823_1564378503843236_935338870_nCredit: vegiita79

10986090_1571294376450552_86235646_nCredit: yukijandi

10958500_1414163185546164_32266504_nCredit: sb_0518

 11007947_630714630364039_1809518346_nCredit: yuccabaihan

11008151_359616367569515_800473950_nCredit: sunmi9753

11018501_357955737722784_668636799_nCredit: jiyoung_gu

10995237_766849143389297_1509864793_nCredit: daeun_so


11017557_1546551952299080_1028622256_nCredit: imagine_yj

11015535_1563173997233171_1016521377_nCredit: a2n03

sy_gloCredit: sy_glo